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OZARK ended. Very interesting way of putting closure. The show about the series and cast intervews was also interesting.

I’m a fan of the show but they seemed to end Ozark just to end it…

Maybe they were running out of cartel fol-de-rol to use. How about show where a Hormel special ops team battles a cartel smuggling in untaxed smoked meat from Canada?

I wonder who Jonah shot?

He shot the ex-cop private detective who was going to bring down the family. By doing so, he insured his role and the position of the family.

Nooooo spoiler :see_no_evil::man_facepalming:t2:

He could have shot the “urn” to get rid of evidence or Wendy as he was at deep odds with her because of Ben. I’ll go with the urn so as not to add another murder to the pile.

The urn contained remains. Shooting it would merely have spilled it. As long as he lived, they would be under great threat. He even knew where the laundered money was stored.

Also, the son was at a crossroads…go live with grandfather, return to school, lead an appropriate life…but as my wife pointed out, Wendy (who is definitionally a sociopath and has been such since adolescence) had enacted a loving/caring mother role to manipulate the kids and brought them back around. They had just been to a gala, and the kids witnessed the power potential going forward.

It bears a small resemblance to the final scene of the Sopranos. I do not think they had run out of ideas, but it was created with a four season concept. It was filmed locally; very nice area.

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(Sorry, assumed that you had finished the final episodes and the epilogue.)

Oops, so sorry.

Gents not worried for me, but you know what these audiophiles are like… :man_facepalming:t2::rofl:

I’m starting the last part this week, and looking forward to finishing it., I couldn’t cope with seeing Julia Garner in inventing Anna and Ozark at the same time

She is a very good actress, and she did very well in The Americans (one of our most enjoyed series), but I think she was best suited for Ozark. We did not watch Inventing Anna. Sometimes we get saturated with an actor, appearing many places in short order; difficult to adjust to a different role (for me at least).

I feel that the last part of Ozark will require a lot of attention; many things occur that are unsettling (more so than in much of what preceded).

[Looking back over this tread I started, it occurs to me that it indicates that I spend a lot of TV time. In reality, I watch about 90+ minutes of TV per day (one third on national events) and very little time, if any, just sitting and listening to music even though it plays 24/7 at home and at work. Often I use both as an atmosphere.]

Again, I look forward to how you felt about the series. Be certain to watch the video on the series overview, cast interviews, etc…but only after completing the series. I shall miss it, but it was time to wrap it up…Justified (which is returning) was surely concluded.

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About 90 minutes for me as well.
Pretty much all streaming.

Inventing Anna is interesting, as I followed the story.
She is wonderful in Ozark though and is my favorite character (difficult to hear that fake German accent as Anna though).

Well, I have to hear her fake Southern accent…

I have Prime, Tubi, NetFlix, Apple+, HBO Max etc etc. So my 60+ minutes of TV is often spent searching for something that will hold our attention.

I did not care for the new Lincoln Lawyer and really did not like the new Jack Reacher. We find ourselves looking a decade movies since those produced in 2021-2022 seem (to us) to be lacking.

I am certain we are not finding the best of the best.

I have to say I have become a fan of Apple TV, less content and more quality.
There is probably just too much content on Netflix at the moment. Although there is still plenty of good stuff among the noise

‘Shining Girls’, ‘Severance’, ‘Essex Serpent’, ‘Tehran’, to name a few.

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Yes just added shining girls, not to forget the mighty Ted Lasso (for true football fans) and Mythic quest, both very funny.

It is a real quality over quantity performance so far, very few shows we have not completed and been happy with.

Season 3 of Love, Death + Robots is up on Netflix.


I couldn’t finish season 1…does it get better??

That is a hard question for an anthology show, as the ones you skipped in season 1 you might have liked.

Season 2 and 3 are shorter. The animation and story quality vary wildly. As usual, most of the stories are eerie/weird and usually not a happy ending.

I do really like season 3 rat episode.

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