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It’s still in my list, maybe I will try again next week.
They just did not grip me at the time.
Worth a revisit at next week’s hotel because let’s face it… Rocky Mount Va is NOT a happening place😎


Well you are close to Roanoke.

  1. Vintage Vault
  2. Fret Mill Music Company

And if you are back in the area I’m July

Thanks for the heads up. I’ll have to briefly re-subscribe.

Loved S1, hated S2.

As someone who’s been known to quote George, I recommend “George Carlins’ American Dream” on HBOMax.

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I love / hate episodes in both series.

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Pretty much matches my thoughts.
Still looking forward to season 3 though

Night Sky on Prime.

OK, this new Bosch sequel – the female assassin – it’s the ponytail. Wouldn’t that just be something for an opponent to grab onto? Hard to believe.

The rest of it – utterly credible. :slight_smile:


Stranger Things season 4😁


Yes I am enjoying it much better than season 3.

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Yes, season 3 was like quite a few season 3 I can think of…sort of like a midlife crisis!

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In addition to the already mentioned ‘Midsommer’ another creepy rental that has changed my view of Scandinavia, ‘The Innocents’ on AppleTV and Amazon Prime.

Wintery scandy, Trapped.

I’ll check it out.

I was watching a Finnish sci fi/police show about a black hole eating the Sun, but I don’t think it went past one season.

“Dog” was well done and well reviewed.

New Docu-drama about the Sex Pistols. Interesting.

I worked on that. Hope it’s ok, not getting the best of reviews.

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Just watched The Batman. Loved it. Best of the whole series for me, beats The Dark Knight. Very gritty and grounded in reality, VFX dont stand out, it looks gorgeous and well Nirvana is a win.


I’m enjoying it. Thank you.

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Agreed. A really good film.

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Agreed. Pattinson’s take as a clinically depressed Bruce Wayne is pretty good.

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