Streaming Radio [Delivered Roon 1.2]

My money is on you having a happy anniversary.:grin:

Your post was a lovely reminder of the joy this app brings people. Something very human about listening to music.

Dead right about the app.

I can honestly say the last time I enjoyed the whole music discovery and listening experience this much was when I was a teenager buying my first LPs. Roon for me has truly achieved one of their objectives of providing the magic of that experience for the digital age.


Going to chime in here with a plug for KCRW and KCRW Eclectic. Please tell me those work. Anxiously awaiting this.

Yup, just tried the URLs on this page. You should be all set when the time comes…

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I’m quite new to Internet radio, but this weekend I discovered SomaFM, and fell in love - several channels there seem to be programmed just for me! Loving ‘Groove Salad’, Deep space one, and drone zone, to name a few. They seem like a really nice bunch too.

64AAC is the max available via TuneIn, but via their own app you can get 128. I mentioned you guys were adding radio, (and how good Roon is) and they said they’d be happy to provide you with XML feeds of all channels and bitrates. :smile:

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Hi Steve,

I’ve often fallen asleep to Drone Zone and like Secret Agent as well. I haven’t listened to Groove Salad but recommend Jazz Radio - Groove.

After 1.2 is released we will have to get some kind of Internet Radio swap meet thread going so that all the better quality streams can be gathered together in one spot for editing into station entries.

Edit: And here is a swap meet thread for us all to exchange favourite URLs.

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Definitely. Although, won’t Roon be doing this for us, or is it envisaged that we all just add our own URLs, rather than there be like a ‘Roon Internet Radio Library’?

We’re planning on doing a directory in the future that everyone will be able to contribute to, and which we can continue to build over time. That will take some time, but it’s absolutely something we’re planning on.

For 1.2, we just wanted to make sure people can add their favorite streams and play them around the house. You’ll be able to paste URLS for any stream in MP3 or AAC format, and populate the Internet Radio browser with your favorites.


That’ll do for me for now.
Can’t wait :grin:

That’s really all I want for now. There are plenty of sources to seek out radio stations and I trust that the thread here will be equally enlightening as to what stations are available - particular those that are streamed at a reasonably high quality. Perhaps someday being able to select stations to add to our “library” as we do with Tidal might be a very useful option, but I suspect most of us only listen to a handful of radio stations anyway.

The golden goose would be iPlayer (live and catch up) radio but given how frequently the BBC cock about with the streams it’s probably not easy to achieve.

The LMS iPlayer plugins are a real labour of love by the devs. Worth it though.


Forgive me if this has been asked already re Internet Radio: Will the Roon Signal Chain report the bitrate of the incoming stream?

The new HLS AAC BBC live streams are working :+1:.

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Oh, really! That’s highly advanced.

It currently doesn’t. Maybe @brian can be persuaded?

It’s something I’ve looked for in a web audio measurement tool and can’t find anywhere: a way to measure the bitrate of the stream that I’m listening to.

maybe your asking for something more complicated, but for example, I listen to internet radio streams at work via foobar2000 on my windows computer. foobar2000 tells me the codec (mp3, aac, ogg, etc.) & the bitrate of the stream I’m listening too. If VBR it even shows the changing rate as the song plays.

That’s exactly what I meant. Not a Foobar user but good to know.

When I stream from Soundcloud, NPR Music, etc. I am curious about the compression of the audio, especially f I want to record it bitperfert.

This is perhaps a bit too generic, but as an internet radio noob I’m a bit confused over how to determine whats the best quality stream, which sounds like its going to be important if we’re typing URLs in directly.

From what I can gather, it depends on both codec and bitrate, and there are several variants (or more than several). So maybe a 64AAC will sound better than a 128mp3? Or not? Does anyone have a simple chart that could be posted as a guide?

I can see why Roon are going down this URL road - to give users a feature sooner than would otherwise be possible - but I have to say (and I hope I’m not speaking out of turn here) even before it’s released I get the impression its not really going to be ‘in line’ with the ‘Roon’ way of doing things - which is to take the user way from this sort of stuff and present music in a slick, UI and metadata rich interface….

Like so much else in Roon, user feedback is going to count for a lot, so give it a try and if it’s not up to scratch, let them know how to improve it.

Obviously radio streams don’t contain the metadata Roon can access through Tidal, so we shouldn’t be expecting the same integration with music streamed by Internet Radio.