Streaming to group containing Qobuz / rPi / RoPieee interrupted, reports "Qobuz media is loading slowly", after upgrade to Roon 1.8 build 846

Roon Core Machine

  • Software: Roon Server 1.8 build 846 on Ubuntu Server 20.04
  • Hardware: Logic Supply ML600G-51 industrial PC
    • Intel E3-1240Lv3 quad core Xeon @ 3 GHz
    • 8 GB ECC DDR3 1600
    • Transcend 370 64 GB SSD
    • USB 3.0
  • Streaming service: Qobuz

Networking Gear & Setup Details

  • Router + Modem: Netgear Nighthawk CAX80
    • gigabit ethernet
    • 802.11a/c wifi
    • DOCSIS 3.1 gigabit cable modem
  • Switch: Linksys LGS308 gigabit
  • Internet: Comcast cable 1GBps downlink / 60 MBps uplink

Connected Audio Devices

  • USB DAC (SMSL m500) via direct connect to Roon Server
  • USB DAC (Topping D10s) via direct connect to Roon Server
  • USB DAC (Schiit Modius) via direct connect to Roon Server
  • USB DAC (Topping D10) + Raspberry Pi 4B 4GB (RoPieee 4.017) via Roon Bridge over gigabit ethernet
  • USB DAC (Zorloo Ztella) + Raspberry Pi 4B 4GB (RoPieee 4.017) via Roon Bridge over 802.11a/c
  • Audio hat (HifiBerry DAC2 Pro) + Raspberry Pi (RoPieee 4.017) via Roon Bridge over 802.11a/c
  • USB DAC (Micca OriGain) + Apple Mac Mini via Roon over gigabit ethernet

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

After upgrading my Roon Server to 1.8 build 846, streaming Qobuz to a group intermittently stalls when one or more of the group playback devices is a Raspberry Pi 4 model B + RoPieee v4.017 via Roon Bridge. Audio playback skips, then eventually stops and Roon advances to the next track. Roon displays a popup notification when advancing to the next track: “Qobuz media is loading slowly. This may indicate a networking or connectivity problem.” The problem may take 5-15 minutes to first present, but once it presents, the frequency of the stream interruptions increases and the amount of playback time per track decreases before skipping.

Removing the Raspberry Pi device from the group immediately resolves the issue. This presents on Raspberry Pi devices with audio hats or with USB DACs. Group playback to USB devices connected to Roon Server, or USB devices connected to my host PC, with no Raspberry Pi devices in the group, does not experience this issue.

I stream frequently to the Raspberry Pi targets. The problem first presented immediately after upgrading to Roon Server 1.8 build 846.

My Roon Server setup is documented here: DIY streamer + web control of IR remotes. Fanless PC, Linux, Docker, Roon Server, USB IR remote

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I am also having trouble playing content from Qobuz using a Linux core on B846.

My core is running on a Synology 1515+ with ~23k track library (80% local, 20% Qobuz). Local tracks stream to both my RPi 3b running Ropiee and a MacBook Pro endpoint without issue. Since updating to B846, Qobuz tracks time out without playing almost every time. I can navigate through Qobuz content on my Roon core, but streaming is broken. Upgrading to the recent B850 did not solve the problem. I have rebooted my linux core and RPi endpoint multiple times. I also logged out of my Qobuz account on my core, and logged in again (twice), which did not change the behavior. Sometimes streaming works for a few minutes, but then quickly becomes impossible.

To investigate further, I disconnected from my Synology core and logged in to a new core on my MacBook. Using my MacBook as a core, I can stream Qobuz content both to my local MacBook and my RPi endpoint without any problems.

I’m fairly certain this is pointing to something amiss with Qobuz streaming on the Linux version of Roon Server beginning with B846.

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Thanks for the additional insight – you ran a few tests I was too lazy to run, and I share your suspicion that something is amiss with Qobuz streaming to rPi.

I should have mentioned that I, too, restarted both the Roon Server and the Raspberry Pi several times.

It is interesting that removing your RPi from a Roon group fixed Qobuz streaming on your end. For me, Qobuz streaming from my linux core is broken to both my RPis, iPad, and MacBook endpoints even when none of them are grouped.

Ouch. Mega bummer. Are you able to roll back? If you’re into Docker, I have v1.8 build 790 on dockerhub. Docker Hub

Paging @support

There are at least two cases of B846/B850 breaking Qobuz streaming on Linux platforms. Is there any other information we can provide from logs, etc to help track this down?


The server reboot last night seems to have improved the behavior overall on my end. Not sure why the previous 3 reboots did not. I guess we’ll see if it lasts the weekend.

Qobuz streaming worked perfectly all weekend. I guess the issue is resolved on their end. I have no idea why a Qobuz problem would manifest only on a Linux Roon core and not a Mac core, but happy to have restored full functionality.

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Hey @JWC

We’re glad that things are working for you now! Please feel free to reach out if you ever have any other questions or issues. Happy listening :headphones:

Unfortunately this issue (closed yesterday) presented again for me. This time slightly different behavior, the issue presents on any Raspberry Pi device, just a 1-2 seconds of streaming before “Qobuz media is loading slowly”. Persists after reboot of Roon Core and the Raspberry Pis. No groups involved.

Zero issues streaming Qobuz to USB DACs, RAAT to Mac Mini, or to IOS devices.

I’ve re-opened and merged your post so all the history is in one place.
Let me tag Roon @support again for you.

Thanks @Carl , I appreciate it and will watch the thread. The problem persists today.

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I upgraded to Roon Server and Roon Bridge build 880, and am now able to stream Qobuz 192/24 to the devices that were failing before. Perhaps this was resolved with the streaming improvements in this build. Fingers crossed, will update if any issues occur.


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