Struggling with adding Internet radio stations

Hi. I can listen to, for example, FIP Jazz here in France at for example on my PC but if I try to add it to Roon it cannot find a radio station. What next ?

Hi @Dick_Cooper,

Give this link a try:

Their streams are listed on this pages:

And in regions too:

In Bordeaux:

In Nantes:

In Strasbourg:

For our webradios, it’s the same (and 192 kbps):

FIP around the electro:

FIP around rock:

FIP around jazz:

FIP around the groove:

FIP around the world:

FIP All new, all FIP:

FIP around the Reggae:

Thanks Dylan, thanks Martin. I could not get Roon to accept these URLs but I have found the stations in Sonos.

That’s odd; I was able to add this station using the URL provided by Dylan straightaway, and it’s working…

Lucky old you. As I said I can get them through Sonos, so I am not bothered.

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