Stuttering audio

Been struggling with stuttering audio for a while now on Roon - I think so the bridge stuff came in at v1.2. On Tidal tracks they stop and skip to the next one with an error message talking about a network connectivity error but tracks also are stopping on tracks in my local library though they dont skip to the next track - they just pause temporarily. Tidal app works perfectly - no stuttering at all. Accept this could be my home network but can’t see anything obvious so wondered if others had seen this issue or it is known?

Hi Simon,
Could you provide some system and network details as per this post ?
That will help isolate where the problem may be occurring.

Hi Andrew, the network setup is a bit convoluted as I live in an old property. I have a devolo mains network going to various rooms with a devolo wifi access point in each. They are the latest 1200+ mbps units but you dont get that throughput but 200-300mbps is the lowest I generally see. A further complication is that there are two parts to the property that are powered from different mains supplies - so I have to use a cable to connect one part of the house to another which effectively bridges two devolo networks. For a while that caused me a few problems because it wasn’t supported and caused broadcast storms but that is now fixed with a firmware update. Internet connectivity is bonded ADSL (4 * ADSL circuits) - we live rurally so that’s complicated as well though that is rock solid to be honest at 10mbps and things like tidal, iplayer, now tv all work fine. My core is an iMac - probably three years old running latest versions of all software. My audio endpoint is a Macbook Pro attached to a Bose unit (which played up after an update is now fixed!). I suspect that the new communication protocols might be a bit more latency sensitive perhaps? Not sure how much that helps?

Thanks Simon, that should help track things down.

I’d suggest a process of elimination to see if we can find what component or link is causing the issue. If you are able firstly to connect the Core iMac and MacBook Pro directly to the router with known good short Ethernet cables then that should identify if the problem is occurring before or after the incoming Internet connection.

If before, meaning the stuttering is occurring because of incoming Internet issues, I’d suggest trying a different DNS server, such as Google. Sometimes the ISP servers can cause issues.

If the above configuration is fine, then start adding in additional links/components of the network system one at a time. That should identify where any bottleneck may be occurring.

No problems. I have been doing some testing the last couple of days trying to eliminate the link between the two devolo networks initially. However at the moment I can’t make it fail for either local audio or streamed from Tidal. I love intermittent problems. I’ll update as I find stuff out.

Thanks Simon,

There are other folks on the forum who’ve forgotten more about networking than I’ll ever know. Hopefully they can drop in and assist. Intermittency can be a dodgy cable or power supply (amongst a myriad of other things of course). Good hunting !