Stuttering when using Tidal with Squeezebox Radio and Boom

As a follow up to another thread in order not to highjack the OP’s thread I have posted a new issue and posted my setup details @mike as requested.

Describe Your Setup:

Build 128, v1.2 Linux 64

Unraid 6.1.9 via debian docker
Intel Xeon Unraid Server.
Local disks via data on the UnRaid Server.

Describe The Issue

Streaming to a Squeezebox Boom and Squeezebox Radio, either separately or both
in the same group, when streaming Tidal I get stuttering and eventual silence until I restart the core.
The Tidal tracks are set as 44.1k flac stream and not mp3.

Describe your Tidal Setup:

UK account.
Hifi (lossless) account
I don’t recall the track I was playing as it happened more than once.

Will the log highlight stuttering?

Hey @mannp – I just sent you a PM with instructions for getting some logs to us. Take a look and we’ll figure out what’s going on here. Thanks!

Hi @mike logs sent this morning.


Hello @mannp,

Can you pleased add such info:
What is you internet connection speed?
Can you describe your network topology?

Hello @vova

Internet is Sky ADSL broadband up to 17Mb and its running at 14Mb.

Network topology is a central RT-N66U Router connected wirelessly to the Squeezebox Radio and Boom.

Unraid is connected to the router via 1000Mb wired connection.

I should add that if I add both SB Radio and SB Boom to a group and try and stream Tidal to them, the stuttering is immediate, but I am not sure if that is a supported config, so may not be expected to work correctly.

Sounds to me very much like a wifi- signal/ and possibly bandwidth issue.

That was ruled out for me as SB Server, Ickstream and Tidal work just fine with the same two devices.

By way of an update, the latest version of 1.2 causes playback to stop on one of the group and continues playing on the other, while a few minutes after they swap and one stops and the other continues playing.

I have the same? problem and have some additional data that might help. When connecting a SB Boom player to Roon I get a very stuttered playback. At first I though this was a bandwidth issue as I have a low bandwidth connection between the RoonServer and the SB Boom (Home server to mountain cabin VPN link).

I then connected my Naim Mu-So over the same VPN Link and this device is playing just fine, hence this doesn’t seem to be a bandwidth issue but more a SB Boom issue. And by-the-way, I have SB Touch and SB Duet playing just fine in my home location (same subnet as server).

The two devices in the group for me are a SB Boom and a Squeezebox Radio.

I also have a SB Touch which is working fine connected to the same Roon Server.

The two duets are controllers only, so don’t count those in the issue really.

I have this issue too, Tidal and other music is fine over the same network but playing it through Roon leads to a lot of suttering.