Sub categorys not selectable

I can not select sub categorys. Like different styles of blues. There is 15 categorys of blues and only 5 or 6 are selectable. For the rest if I press the play button nothing happens. Is there a reason for this behavior?

I previously posted this issue but it did not show up.

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I’d like to jump in on this topic too. There are some top-level genres and many sub-genres that appear in my list of genres that contain no music at all. That because I don’t have those categories in my music library (neither local files or added via Qobuz or Tidal. This tends to clutter up my library and makes for a poor user experience as I trip over empty categories.

In my library for example, top-level genres that no content include “Children’s”, “Comedy/Spoken” and “Rap”. The list of sub-genres with no content are too numerous to count. Other users will see different results.

It seems logical to only include those genres which are part of a users library. If we want to search for a new type of music we are very capable of doing that on our own. It feels like its being pushed on us.

The only solution I have found for this is to disconnect my Tidal and Qobuz accounts from Roon, which I’d rather not do. But it does make for a better experience when play music from my library.

I’m sure this is something the Roon developers can address.


Can’t select anything from sub menus/category.

When trying to listen to some blues for example there is many sub categorys. Southern, electric, gospel ect… Most of the categories I can’t select. I press the play and nothing happens. Why have sub categorys if nothing there?

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Until Roon address this issue, you could move those unwanted genres into a ‘trash’ sub-genre, which will at least remove them from the main genres screen.

I posted this topic on some changes I made to genres (and what Roon needs to improve):

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After logging out of Tidal and Qobuz I still get empty genre categories. Why? Because Roon is including the genres of Live Radio stations in my list of genres. With 1.8 there seems to be no way to not have extraneous genres forced upon us,

It’s really frustrating to have to fight with a new version of (paid) software. It’s not like there isn’t a long list of change requests from customers that could have been addressed instead.

IMHO software usability engineering needs to be seriously addressed and use cases written and tracked. Yes, I come from a software development background.

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Under the Genre page, the default is sorted by Name. If you change the default to sorted by album, then any Genres with no albums will be sorted to the bottom of the page.