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As of this morning, all sub-genres seem to have vanished from the Rock genre. Any particular reason for this?

Just guessing, but a likely reason seems to be “MacOS X 13.0 Ventura released 2022-10-24”.

Don’t think so - it was happening before I upgraded - that just happens to be the latest machine state. In fact, if I go into pop/rock, the sub-genres are all in there but, in Rock (where they used to be) there are no sub-genres showing. Weird.

There is no sub-genre named “Rock” in the default genre hierarchy supplied by Roon.


So that genre you refer to is yours and only contains sub-genres if you created/setup some for it.
Please check if that’s (still) the case.

No - ‘Rock’ appears as a root-level genre, alongside ‘Pop/Rock’, which seems odd. I’ve always gone in to Rock in the past to show sub-genres. It now has no sub-genres - they all appear to have moved into Pop/Rock.

Default metadata, like genres for example, is sourced from 3rd-party metadata providers. Metadata providers may change/adapt their genre hierarchy from time to time (not daily I hope, but might happen).

“Rock” is currently not a provided default genre. Maybe it was once, IDK?
What are your import settings? Do you instruct Roon to use your own genres?

Anyway, as “Rock” isn’t (anymore?) part of the supplied genre hierarchy, it doesn’t (can’t) contain predefined sub-genres. That it (still?) exists implies that you manually created that genre and/or added content to it.

It might be helpful if you could share a screen grab of Settings → Library → Import settings (as below) as it does seem as though you’re not using the standard Roon genres.

Here’s what mine looks like. And, like @BlackJack, I don’t have a Rock genre (either as a top level genre or sub-genre).

Aha - I think we have a clue. On my installation, both were switched on. My guess therefore is that the top-level Rock genre is extracted from my local files (mostly CDs ripped lossless, originally in iTunes) rather than using Roon’s database. The odd thing is that things have changed in the last 48 hours or so, when I’ve been running Roon continuously for many years. V useful, thanks - I’ve never actually played with those settings. I’ve now switched off the ‘Use genres extracted from file tags’ option and will see if that makes a difference

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Where is that screenshot from?
I’m currently experiencing genre trauma and that info would be useful.

From AllMusic, a website that makes part of Roon Labs lead metadata providers metadata available on the web: Music Genres | AllMusic.

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I suspect your guess is correct.
I have files ripped from iTunes as well and also have a top level Rock genre although I’ve also done a fair bit of genre metadata tag editing and may have created a Rock genre this way as well.
In my case switching settings to use Roon genres only didn’t remove the non-Roon genres.
They still appear on the genre tab but with no associated albums.
I’m curious to see what your results are please keep us updated.

+1 - I’m now looking for a list of Roon’s genre hierarchy and, now that I’ve got a clue about where the odd structures are coming from, can do some editing

Just a head’s up: I edited my genre metadata tags in specific ways and it turned out that if one uses genre tags not recognized by Roon it can break Discover.
And I didn’t have a backup prior to when I started this so I’m currently in a bit of a mess.

You might want to make frequent backups as you’re editing.

When you’ve got things straightened out you can also edit the genre hierarchies in Roon. For example, ‘Alternative/Indie Rock’ is normally a sub-genre of ‘Pop/Rock’, but I’ve edited to to be a top-level genre:

I’ve also done the same with ‘Contemporary Pop/Rock’ and have made ‘Chamber Music’ a top-level genre rather than a sub-genre of classical. All three changes were done to make it a bit easier to find the specific genres I’m interested in.

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