Sudden loss of DSD with Allo Usbridge > Pro-ject S2 Digital

I’ve been running Roon Server from my PC for several months going to a Allo Usbridge connected to the Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital.
I’ve been able to stream native DSD over my network, and have the dsf files render natively through the S2. I also have been able to Upsample everything, including Tidal and local flac files to DSD 256 and it’s all played beautifully through the S2.
Suddenly yesterday, I can’t get any DSD playback through this setup at all. Roon tells me ‘unexpected error communicating with the audio device.’
If I switch to convert everything to max PCM, it plays, but I really would like the native DSD capability back.
I tested the Pro-ject S2 by connecting it directly to my PC using an ASIO driver, and with that connection I get all the DSD capability, so I concluded the problem might be with the Allo Usbridge. I then re-flashed the Dietpi image on the Usbridge, but I still
have no DSD capability after doing that.
The Pro-ject S2 has the latest 2.12 firmware, and the Usbridge is Dietpi version 6.28.

This problem occured out of the blue, not after an update or any settings changes. I’m just a bit stumped how to hunt this down.

Have you rebooted everything?

Are you using Speaker Setup? If yes, try disabling it.

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Whoa. Disabling Speaker Setup did indeed fix the problem! Thanks so much for the tip.
And now I see that this is an acknowledged bug that is being currently investigated, so I can sit tight for now.

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Update: the problem has gone away with the release of Build 536. Very grateful to the Roon engineers for their excellent efforts.