Suggest Low cost roon endpoint that is not a raspberry pi

I have a roon endpoint with a raspberry pi 3 with a hat. It’s connected via Wifi it is not the best I get some drop and skips. Not often but enough to want to replace it. Can you suggest a solution that isn’t another raspberry pi 4 because they are sold out everywhere and I’ve even lost 4 eBay auctions to overpay for a Pi. I also looked at used Sonos connect it was 60-150 depending on age other factors. Thank you for your help.

Maybe a Microrendu?
Used about $250.

Or a soTm neo.
Used about $325.

Both hard Ethernet wired.

If you are up for it you could try a Google Chromecast Audio puck.
Yes they are WiFi only but their range is excellent and I never suffer dropout.
$50-70 on eBay

Before looking into replacing the Pi, have you tried a wired connection to it? If that’s not possible, it may be worth looking for a WiFi dongle for the Pi.

Wiring isn’t possible but I have not explored an extender. I will do my Googles.

I think there are some good recommendations in this forum for that, you may want to start your search there.

I have a chromecast audio im not much of a fan of it. but it’s my fallback. The other suggestions are good but I need wifi options.

A USB Wifi dongle for the Pi wouldn’t be an extender - it’s just a wifi card that is not the one built into the Pi, and possibly that could be make it better.

This site for example uses this usb Wifi dongle: Edimax N150 Wi-Fi Nano USB Adapter

There is a wired option for those, you know.

thank you, I actually think I have one of these.

Sure, also from other manufacturers like UGREEN

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There is a discussion of Wifi5 USB dongles that work with DietPi here. As the folks there surmise, it doesn’t matter what Pi it is, any of these dongles should work with it.

I always forget about that option as it’s never offered with one for sale at least that I have seen.

Seems the op needs/wants WiFi for this gig though.

As far as wifi endpoint on a budget there does not seem to be many more options than already mentioned.

As already stated, go wired if at all possible…it’s really the only way to go to try and ensure zero dropout.

Well, you can never ensure zero. Wi-fi works fine for some people while others have problems with wired. Wired is just the best bet.

I assume you read the word…"try":wink:

Which is all we can do.
Personally my CCA work extremely well on my WiFi network but wired is my go-to where possible.

Most of these little fanless Windows boxes will work quite well as a streamer. Just add Roon Bridge. Here’s one for $200.


I’ve had flawless experience from the Asus USB-AC56 (using Ropieee), since swapping from a smaller dongle. Not cheap but I grabbed one on an open box deal. Do note, though, it is large and ugly, so depends on your priorities - I use the cable and hide it down the side of a cabinet.

Find a used Logitech Squeezebox Touch. They work great as Roon endpoints with wifi built in. The ability for Roon to stream to Squeezeboxes is the primary reason I jumped into Roon 6 years ago. My Touch still works great.


Do you have any pictures of it working? Does it show album art and all of that?

Here you go