Suggestions for current hardware - DSD512, ECv2

Jussi’s recommended filters are fine for me:

1x = gauss-long
Nx = gauss-hires-lp

I really like poly-sinc-short-mp as well, however have to use the -2s version atm.

I have the SMSL SU-9 DAC atm, which yes can do up to DSD512 Native x48kHz.

AFAIK 610 chipset limits 12900k’s highest clock frequency and limit the memory bandwidth. Not suitable for ECv2 with heavy filters…

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My 11900K can do this fine. I use same gauss filters.

But note Chunhao_Lee’s comment above about motherboard - I don’t know much about motherboards in general

Appreciate your feedback! I’ll give this one a miss.

CPU itself should be fine. My lowest spec machine that can do DSD512 with ASDM7ECv2 is i5-11600 (non-K). But only at 44.1x512 rate, 48x512 flips it over the edge. I don’t remember right now which chipset it has. DDR4-3600 RAM.

Hi @GoldenSound - could you please share your Spring3 measurements?

And your Spring3 runs hotter than Spring2 in use?

I wasn’t able to get full measurements of the spring 3 unfortunately as I was unable to get an oversampling tool working in tandem with my AP. I’ve got this sorted now though, and hopefully will get a spring 3 back in at somepoint so will share measurements then.

L7 Audiolab has some up though.

The spring 3 seemed to run about the same temp as a spring 2

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I’m loving the SMSL D-6 DAC.

I posted in another thread, linked below. Note the post update which follows - that it now works fine at DSD512 after a firmware fix by SMSL.

This might be one of the best bargains for HQPlayer users looking for direct DSD-to-analogue conversion - with balanced output to boot !

Upcoming NAA input DSD512 DAC:


I wonder if some of these could do:

both 1x and Nx: poly-sinc-xtr-short-lp (non -2s)
DSD1024 7ECv2 (48k DSD enabled)
Post processing: Crossfeed

That would be my (current) dream setup. I somehow seem to come back to xtr-short-lp and it scales nicely with higher rates. However with higher rates it also gets heavy. As 7ECv2 is heavy as well, that combo really would need a Ferrari @ 1024…


Intel CEO confirmed next year they will have > 6GHz single core performance !

Maybe 13900KS ?

Clock speed wars is great for HQPlayer users :smile:


Dear Santa, let it be surprise “AMD killer” 13700KS @ same price with current 13700K. Sales launch Q1/2023…


I finally got everything ordered. I kept waiting on the 1300KS, but I think I’ll be able to OC the following if necessary and get good up sampling performance.

Gigabyte Z790 mobo
32GB DDR-5 7200 CL34
GTX 3090 24GB
2TB Samsung 980 Pro NVME drive

CPU and GPU liquid cooled by a 420mm radiator, D5 pump/res, waterblocks on both sides of the 3090. Seven total 140mm Noctua NF-A14 PWM fans provide the airflow for the case and rad.

This is my first liquid loop build, always did Noctua air coolers on earlier computers. We will see how quiet I managed to get it!

Thanks for the help everyone, I’ll update later this week once the rest of the parts arrive and I try to get up and running.


Hello @Rush did u manage to put things up and test based on the spec you shared?

Thanks for the reminder! I have everything assembled and running, but still working on a stable overclock. It runs HQPlayer quite well at DSD512 and ASDM7ECv2. It’s just not thermally stable at my current settings at full load like Prime95.


Thanks for the sharing, can it run DSD512/ASDM7ECv2 without overclock stably? I am thinking should I go to similar i9-13900 or i can make do with some preown i9-11900 setup at 1/2 the cost, and be happy with DSD256

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i9-11900 should be able to do DSD512 with ASDM7ECv2, since I’m running such on my i5-11600 (Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS + HQPlayer Embedded AVX2 build, to be very specific). No overclocking, stock settings, fast RAM and XMP Profile 1.


That’s nice to know, if i5-11600 also possible, that’s opens up the possibilities, since you mentioned Hqplayer embedded, my understanding is this build do not support GPU? So you’re able to achieve that solely off i5-11600 CPU power?

The build I’m using does support GPU, but I don’t have any Nvidia GPU on that machine. Ubuntu, Fedora and Debian x64 builds of Embedded do support CUDA.

Yes… That server was built with goal to find cheapest possible CPU that would be able to do it. Now it feeds T+A DAC 200 through a NAA at DSD512.

My lowest power machine doing DSD256 with ASDM7ECv2 is old i5-7600T. That is using the generic build of HQPlayer Embedded instead (also on Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS). It is feeding Accuphase DAC-60 card which is max DSD256 anyway. This one uses Intona USB isolator as well.

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