Suggestions for replacing Nucleus

Looking to replace my defective ~3yr old Nucleus. Must be pretty much plug and play. TIA
BTW. Using a MHDT Orchid DAC,

Perhaps get someone to do a ROCK build for you. Parts are scarce, but they are still out there.

How large is your library? Where do you keep your music files?

Thanks @David_Snyder ~10,000 tracks , currently stored on a 1TB SSD(in the nucleus).

Can support help with your Nucleus? If that’s not the way you’re headed, Small Green Computer makes some very nice Roon stuff. Might be worth a look.


Where are you located? I’d be willing to build a ROCK for you. Just built mine about a month ago.


@pscreed . Yes unit was sent to RMA. Cost of repair was ~half the $ of a new Nucleus.

@David_Gloff Thank you. Located in NJ.

@pscreed. The SonicTransporter might be the ticket, Especially since a already have a 1TB SSD. By chance do you know if ROCK comes pre installed?

It runs its own Linux operating system not ROCK.


It comes with its own OS…so not Roon OS. It will not be a drop-in replacement from that perspective.

…and if we want to split hairs, ROCK is not an operating system. The operating system on ROCK builds and Nucleus is Roon OS (slightly different builds for each).

If @Larry_Gelman is looking for an equivalent experience to his Nucleus, a ROCK build is probably the way to go. Glad to see that there others here who are willing to help out. I’ve done a number of builds for friends and Internet acquaintances as well. I usually insist on them letting me order the parts so that I know there will be no issues. They just have to reimburse for parts and shipping up-front.


Thanks @David_Snyder . Very Generous of you. I will of course reimburse you in advance if I go that route.

So How do I instal the Roon OS on the SonicTransporter?

Even if it’s possible, the hardware is not officially supported by Roon OS. This is probably a bad idea.

What was the issue with the Nucleus? You mentioned half the original cost for repairs.

@Mike_LC , well it seemed a bit ambiguous. My issue was/is constant rebooting and powering cycling. While RMA couldn’t replicate the issue, they identified that my Ethernet port might be loose. Not sure if that would cause the nucleus to power off and reboot. The cost was $600.

Innuos Zen Mk3.


This is bad advice.

The Roon principals have stated that this device is not powerful enough to dependably act as a Roon Core.

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Very sorry to hear that, figured those would last longer. I have the NUC8I7BEH that has worked well for 2.5 years now. Wishing I had purchased a second one for safekeeping when they were still available.

Thinking about the exaSound Delta Server if this one craps out. It is expensive so I hope the NUC lasts a good long time.


Why would you buy something so obnoxiously expensive when you know enough to build a comparable NUC running ROCK for a third of the price.

I don’t get it.