Support for Aurender

Are there any plans for Roon to work with Aurender?

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Already in contact with Aurender :smile:


hi, i am also looking forward the cooperation with aurender!

+1 !!!

Very much looking forward…

Also really looking forward to an Aurender solution in hopes of getting a mac/pc out of the music network. (I have all my music files on the Aurender internal HDDs)

Fwiw, I asked Aurender recently about collaborating with Roon and they said they were in limbo, still waiting on the Roon specifications. Maybe this was referring to the Roonspeaker coding/os framework?


thank your positive action!!!!!

I’m looking forward to this as well. I imagine this will be a game-changer for many people.

Gentlemen, got any news regarding the topic?

Hi Pavel,

@RBM reported Aurender were channelling “Kung Fu” on the CA forums last weekend:

Sounds close.

Good news. Can you share the link to the CA topic?

Any news for aurender?

I believe they recently came out that they will not be supporting Roon.

It’s too bad because I was looking into one, but now I’m not even the slight bit interested.

Very bad news. I’m in the same situation. I was interested in the n100h, but without roon … Hard choise.

Where did they say this?

It seems to originate from this (and a few posts further on):

Does not look definitive to me.

@danny I read several posts yesterday on CA and one where Chris directly asks Aurender about it (at some show, I think) and also a couple CA forum members on CA directly emailed Aurender and posing the question and they copied the reply from an Eric at Aurender which he said it doesn’t look good and that it’s too much work on their end and not comfortable relying on software that they did not make (not the exact reply).

I believe these were fairly recent posts over on CA, but I’d love to be wrong as I was considering an N10 or N100H at some point next year but only once it has been made RoonReady.

Yes, the response did not say definitely “No”, but pretty darn close IMO. I hope they do, but if so why that response.