Support for DSD512

Why DSD512 is not supported now?
Do you plan to support DSD512 and DSD1024 in the future?

Not aware that DSD512 support has changed. It is dependent though on your endpoint and DAC. If it was working once, but now isn’t I suggest you provide more details of your system and whether anything has changed recently.

You need a DAC that supports DSD512. You many also need a player that supports DSD direct.

Hi @Katun ----- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us.

DSD512 is definitely being supported by Roon so something else must be going on here. Was this once working for you as expected?

As others have mentioned in this thread, the ability to playback DSD 512 will be dependent on what gear you are working with. If you can provide a brief but accurate description of your current setup, using this link as a guide we can advise.


DSD512 is definitely being supported by Roon

And what about this:

Roon also supports uncompressed DSD64, DSD128, and DSD256 content in the DSF and DFF file formats.

I was surprised why this file was skipped (tagged there all fine, as well as other similar files DSD256/128/64):
(I don’t upload screenshot because: uninitialized constant EXIFR::JPEG :frowning: )

Hi @Katun ---- Kindly please allow to me elaborate here a bit.

With the proper gear Roon is capable of upsampling to DSD 512 without issue and the software could playback 512 content, but my understanding is that there isn’t any DSD 512 content (edited: music recordings) out in the world. Which is why the cited knowledge base page does not list that sample rate.


there isn’t any DSD 512 content out in the world

You are wrong. Look here:
How to test real DSD512 is playing? There are many fake/misleading product in the market! User can download our computer generated pure precision DSD512 test tone wav file to test(it is not recording from analog and thus zero background noise is achieved).

Eric meant that there isn’t any music recorded in DSD512.


And therefore I will not be able to reproduce the test signal DSD512? :slight_smile:
@eric what about my problem?

You could (upscaling) but it does explain that the kb-page you referred to doesn’t mention dsd512

OK. Do you plan to support DSD512 files and DSD1024 files in the future?

Hi @Katun ---- I have placed a feedback request with our DEV team to get some insight into your question. Once they have provided me with an update I will be sure to share their thoughts with you asap.



Have you seen any DACs yet that support DSD1024? I would love to test this.

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This DAC supports DSD1024 via I2S input:

But sadly their own USB-to-I2S converter output is limited to DSD512:

Maybe their X-SPDIF 3 will support DSD1024 in future.

This converter supports DSD1024.

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Nice! If you ever want to try it out our sonicTransporter i7 support upsampling to DSD1024.

You would use Roon to control HQPlayer (both run on the sonicTransporter) then attach an unltraRednu (running NAA) to your DAC via USB.

Hi @Katun ---- Thank you for your patience here while I have been waiting on some feedback from the team. A few things moving forward.

Our documentation has been updated to include DSD512 in the list of support formats. As mentioned in my previous, with the correct gear Roon is indeed capable of handling DSD 512 content. Furthermore, with regard to DSD1024. The team has suggested opening a feature request thread so we can track of the demand for the format amongst Roon users. This will be the best way to get the attention of the DEV team.


Roon Support needed:
Hello, I cannot get DSD512 running. I have an NUC with i7 and 6 Cores running windows and the Roon server. I am streaming on an ELAC DDP2 via lan cable. In roon I only see the DSD64 light grey, and i cannot change this button. What sould i do?

64 is all it supports so you can’t change it.
“DSD 1x Ethernet”

I also cannot playback the DSD512 on the Merging Nadac. Does Roon downsample DSD512 if the device doesn’t support it? It sounds like the file is not fully buffered (hiccups).