Support for track versions (such remix)

Same single contains several remixes.

However, you cannot tell which version this screen is.

I think roon’s Version feature is very nice.
I want the version function (example ID Tag, TRACKVERSION or REMIX) to be added to the song so that it can be confirmed on the Composition screen.

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I think it’s best to forget about the existence of the compositions browser at all. It’s only good for classical but users with a relevant amount of classical works in their library regularly show up here, stating that they don’t get what this browser is all about and what they need/want is a album view.
For non-classical, this browser just doesn’t work as you already figured out. I fear if the team of Roon Labs should ever improve this browser, we will end end up getting told that the different versions (?interpretations?) of non-classical compositions are in fact different compositions (for Roon).

It seems that there is no “one-fits-all” solution possible.

This is a known problem and Roon are aware

Where the linked thread is about track titles in the album browser and this feature request about the display of performances in the compositions browser. So I’m unsure how this is related or how far Roon is aware of.


In the case of classical music, the orchestra, conductor, soloist, etc. are displayed.
How about displaying the remixer name for popular songs other than classic and jazz?
I feel that this can be achieved relatively easily.
In the case of the same remixer, it is indistinguishable, but it will still be better than the current screen.

For example, like this

You’re right. Apologies.

This would be a solution for (third-party) remixes (only). Edits (Radio Edit, Album Version, Extended Version, …) and original artist remixes are not covered therein. Also live versions might still present a problem if they don’t come from a live album.