SVS prime wireless speakers

Can anyone advise if Roon will see these powered wi-fi (and Bluetooth) speakers as an endpoint? They would be a great fit for a bedroom.

No it won’t they are Play Fi which roon doesn’t see.

Ged, any suggestions for a $1,000 budget for either powered speakers or separates for a bedroom that will work with Roon?

I think Kef lsx are around that price point. 999.98

Thx. Saw the Kef’s mentioned in another thread. Would certainly pick them over the Bluesound products. Have you listened to any of the Elac speakers that are compatible with Roon?

Not me. My newest speakers are over ten years old.

Get some nice speakers and run them from a RPi with IQAudIO DigiAMP+ hat…I have a couple that run this way and they are great. Many more options for better speaker choices (and something cheaper which in a bathroom might be a good idea) and the pi can run WiFi too if you don’t push the data rate

I did that but I think if I were doing it again, and in the budget mentioned, I’d probably also look at a balanced streamer/DAC HAT (e.g. IQAudio DAC Pro or PecanPi) with active speakers (e.g. Genelec). Probably not in the bathroom though :grinning:

I have a pair of SVS Prime Wireless mated to an SVS SB3000 sub. Roon only saw them through my PC. I ended up purchasing a Topping D10s DAC and used it with a Raspberry Pi 4 running RoPieee that I had lying around. Everything is wired - no wireless connections. Total cost of the Pi and DAC was roughly $150.

RoPieee installed without any hiccups and works well. The Pi has a low power draw and is quiet and reliable as the endpoint. Roon recognised the Pi and DAC immediately. A fanless CNC milled aluminium case for the Pi for $7-$8 keeps the Pi cool and looks quite attractive. The DAC looks perfecly in place sitting on top of one of the speakers.

I initially used an optical connection from the D10s to the speakers, but 192k source material sounded horrible (96k was OK). Lots of digital noise. It appears that the SVS will only do 192k in some special Play-Fi mode. I then ran a couple RCA connectors from the DAC to the speakers and it worked well (should have done that to begin with, but I wanted to test the optical connection). The sound is rather good (and got better after a few hours), though not as refined as the KEF LSX which are run through a wired airplay connection (they do 192k without a problem).

I had planned to power the Pi from the USB port on the SVS (implemented for their wireless sub option), but unfortunately it doesn’t provide enough power and the Pi continually reboots, so you still need a wall wart, or perhaps something like the Topping P50. The power supply recommended and sold by the Raspberry Pi foundation powers both the Pi and the DAC without a problem.

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