Switching Cores Forces me to Restart my mac

I switch often between a sonictransporter and a mac computer.

Since the last update , when i switch to the mac the music never starts up right away and the only way
I can get it to play is to restart my mac .

Once I do that ,everything is fine.

Mac and sonictransporter are connected to the same switch.

This has never happened before with the Roon software.

Hi @davidh ---- Thank you for the feedback and sharing your observations with us.

Can you provide me with a brief description of your setup as seen here and outline the procedure you are using when you are switching between core machines?

Looking forward to your feedback!

Mac and sonictransporter connected to the same ethernet switch which works fine.
I just unauthorized the sonictransporter on my mac went to connect to mac roon core , started playing a song it lasted about 15 seconds and stopped.

Restarted the mac and now

it works fine. This is reproducible every time.

Mac running latest roon software.
Cisco unmanaged ethernet switch
Netgear router.
Google wifi ( 3 hub system )

This behavior just started after the very last update and has never happened before .

Hi @davidh ---- Thank you for the follow and the provided feedback :thumbsup:

Can you verify for me if you experience the same behavior when you go back to the ST (Mac - > ST), or is this only when you move to the Mac?


Only when switching to the mac

Hi @davidh ---- Thank you for verifying that for me. Moving forward I would like to grab some logs from you to see if we can determine what is causing this behavior to occur. I will be contacting you momentarily via PM with instructions.


Eric, logs sent under davidh.zip

Switched from sonictransporter to mac at 4:42 pm today
MAc quit playing music at 4:43 pm ,actually one minute 15 seconds into playing the song .

This is reproducible every time.

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Thanks @davidh, confirming that I have received the logs. We’ll have a look and let you know what we come up with. Your patience is very appreciated!