Switching users on Mac causes silence [Ticket In]

Didn’t find a newer thread on this so I’m gonna resurrect this one as I have a similar problem. Only difference the output is not on the mac running Roon Server, but as a client. Output is a USB DAC.

The problem: user A is playing Roon, then pausing. Switching to user B. When user B starts playing something there is no sound. When switching back to user A the audio starts playing. The only way to fix this is to close the Roon app under user A, return to user B.

That is a big problem, because I won’t always remember to close Roon when I’m done using the Mac (neither will my wife). That’s pretty much a dealbreaker for me as both me and my wife use the same computer every day. Is there any way to fix this? Really liking Roon otherwise!

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Hi @Philipp_Hamacher,

I have split your post into it’s own thread so I can better assist.

So we can better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

What is the model/manufacturer of the Core and Client?

What is the model/manufacturer of the DAC?

@Philipp_Hamacher just to confirm you are using “fast user switching”, and not logging out the OSX account running Roon before logging in with another? I don’t think Roon should be suspending with fast user switching. You should also only have one active core (Roon server function) running at a time.

Hi Noris,

Thanks for troubleshooting my issue! The topology of my system is as followed below. Please let me know if missed any information.


Mac mini Server (Late 2012)

2.3 GHz Intel Core i7

Memory 16GB

macOS Mojave

Connected via Ethernet


Asus AC3200

Running FreshTomato


Mac Mini (2018)

3.2 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i7

Memory 32GB

macOS Catalina

Connected via AC WiFi


Nubert nuPro A-100

Connected via USB


Local files on a Drobo 5c attached to the Mac Mini Server running the core


Hi Mike,

Yes I’m fast user switching or after Mac went to sleep log in with another account and leave the other account open. Everything else doesn’t mac sense when sharing the computer throughout the day.

You can’t let it sleep, Roon server will not be running if the Mac is asleep.
Not sure about it suspending Roon in another account, I’ll let @noris is answer that.

Sorry for the confusion…

The Mac Mini Server with the core installed never sleeps. And I’m also not trying to output music on the other Mac Mini while it’s in sleep mode.

It’s about that when Roon is open for both Users on the Mac Mini that outputs the audio via USB (not the server), that the audio is being output only for the user that opened Roon first even after switching users.

Hi @Philipp_Hamacher,

Thanks for providing that additional information. I filed a ticket for the technical team to look into this behavior further and see if we can reproduce on our end. I can’t promise we’ll be able to do anything about this if it turns out to be a MacOS system limitation, but we’ll see what’'s possible.

Thanks @noris! Hope this can be solved.


I’m also having this issue. I have one account that’s setup as the server and another that just uses the client to control the server. Everything works fine if I’m controlling my KEF LS50 Wireless over WIFI. However, if I’m using a device plugged in via USB, when you switch users away from the account that has the server running and is configured with the USB device, it stops playing. When you switch back, it immediately starts up again.

It seems Mac OS isn’t letting the user maintain control of the USB device when you switch to another user, instead it hands control over to the other user?


Hi @Chris_Jackson,

Thanks for the additional report, I have added this to the ticket we have open.

I wanted to touch base with some good news, which is that our technical team has been able to reproduce this behavior and we’ve opened up a bug report with our developers.

While I can’t say for certain when this bug will be fixed, getting things reproduced in-house is a critical first step, and I will keep this thread up to date as the team passes along feedback and work begins to get this resolved.

Thanks again for the report!


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