Sync tidal in all my devices

What i wrote above, syncing from Roon to Tidal, is a feature request. It does not do that today, only 1-way from Tidal to Roon for playlists (unlike Albums which is two ways).

iTunes is a toolkit to sync files from your one iOS device to another. If you’d like to do this, the best way is to find another tool for Tidal. Yes, Roon is a choice.
Besides, AudFree Tidal Music Converter is also an option you can choose to make it possible, which one to choose depends on you.

mConnect can handle this operation I dont see why Roon cannot. Roon Labs is stuck in a single minded user set. I dont own any music. I dont care to ever own any music. Roon needs to understand that we simply do not care that we cannot add music to a Tidal playlist that is stored locally. If we want a mixed source playlist we know we have to create a new one in Roon. Fine move on Roon Labs. I listen to Tidal and Quboz in no less than three places. Home system, phone and at work. My primary listening is done at home where I discover most of my new music. When I do why is it difficult for Roon to understand that we want to add it to our Tidal/Qobuz playlists without changing apps. The mConnect app seems to handle this just fine.


Yes. This.


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