Sync tidal in all my devices

Hi, Im using roon to control my music accounts but while I get my itunes library to show up exactly he same be it on my iPhone, roon, iPad… I can’t do the same with my tidal account. So if I add music using my iPhone through roon it will stay just there. So if i try to see, for instance, a playlist I created on my iPhone i won’t be able to see it on my computer or iPad (using tidal through roon)

Is there a way to sync it in all my devices?

Thank you


@support I though this was in the Tidal screen under Favourites but it seems its not. Maybe one of the Roon guys can enlighten us - I must admit I hadn’t looked specifically until now - but my wife’s playlist for some family requests in the car is nowhere to be found.

Hi @Joana_Jereissati ----- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us. The insight is greatly appreciated and my apologies for the slow response here.

Moving forward, to help aide in my understanding of this behavior you’re experiencing. May I very kindly ask you to please provide me with the following:

  1. The make, model, and specs of the device hosting your Roon core, so our team has a better idea of what you are working with.

  2. You’ve mentioned the following in your report:

“So if i try to see, for instance, a playlist I created on my iPhone i won’t be able to see it on my computer or iPad (using tidal through roon)”

Are you referencing a playlist you had created in Roon or TIDAL? Having a bit more insight as to what you are doing in app (procedurally speaking), would be very helpful.


Hi Erick

Thank your for your email. Answering your questions

  1. my Roon is hosted at QNAP. I’m not sure what the model is but I’m sending you a picture to see if it helps

  2. usually from my iPhone I use Roon app to access Tidal. From my mac I rarely use it from Roon so I go directly to tidal’s site

Thank you. Very much for your attention


Hi @Joana_Jereissati ----- Thank you for touching base with me.

I must admit that I am still a bit “foggy” (:innocent:) on what you are trying to sync between your devices. A playlist created in Roon will not be available in TIDAL. However, You CAN add a “pre-generated” TIDAL playlist to Roon, using the TIDAL tab in the Roon app.

As asked in my second question, having a bit more clarification, would be very helpful.

Are you referencing a playlist you had created in Roon or TIDAL? Having a bit more insight as to what you are doing in app (procedurally speaking), would be very helpful.

Looking forward to your feedback!

I don’t think the “vice versa” is correct. If you add a playlist in TIDAL it DOES show up in Roon, but it is not editable back into Tidal. (Feature request!). You can create a copy in Roon, but then you have two different playlists.

I think he is asking for a new Playlist added in Roon to show up in Tidal which does not happen. (Also a great feature request).

Thank you for the catch @RobOK!

Hi Eric,

Thank you for your quick response!

Let me try to explain it better.

I use my Roon app to create my playlists through tidal. It’s true that the pre-generated lists add and stay on my devices. But if it is something I created by adding tidal music I’ll either see on my phone (if I created using the phone) or my mac (if I created it there). And, furthermore, If I try, for instance, to turn on my tidal app to hear my playlists on my car not all my lists Will be there.

If I do the same thing using my iTunes app all my lists get automatically synced. So I get access to all my lists be it home using Roon, be it on my car using iTunes. And iPhone and mac have always the same playlists.

Thanks again. Best,

Hi RobOk

Right! Exactly.

Apple/iTunes has it

So there is no way to get them all running updated and synced?


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Hey @Joana_Jereissati – right now, any playlists created in Roon will be stored on your Core, and will be available on any devices connected to it, including any audio devices around the house you are playing to, or any devices running Roon as a remote, which are controlling your Core.

Your Core will also import any playlists it finds, whether they are on your hard drive (as M3U files), in your iTunes library (assuming it is being watched by your Core), or in your TIDAL account (whether you created them, or favorited them).

What’s not currently possible is accessing your Roon Core (and the playlists stored there) outside the house, when you’re not on your local network. “On The Go” functionality is absolutely on our roadmap and we look forward to delivering the Roon experience to your various devices when you’re in the car, travelling, at work, etc. This is coming, but I don’t have a firm time frame to share right now.

Hope that helps!

@mike thanks for posting in the forum, it is much appreciated.

I think what @Joana_Jereissati is looking for is two things:

  • for a Tidal playlist to be created from Roon and saved to Tidal (not just Roon)
  • to create a NEW Tidal playlist from Roon

Because we are all using Tidal in our cars or out and about town, we want our “Library” work to be available back in Tidal.

As a reference, both of these functions are currently available in Sonos for example, and maybe other apps.

Maybe on the Roadmap?

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The big problem is that in Roon, tracks can come from multiple sources – local files, your NAS, TIDAL, etc.

The other services you mentioned are homogeneous – everything you create in the TIDAL section of the Sonos app is from TIDAL, so that playlist is saved back to the TIDAL service, as opposed to being stored on the Sonos device.

We could probably build something that saves portions of your playlists back to TIDAL, or warns you before you sync a playlist to TIDAL that will end up missing tracks, and so but these are all pretty ugly compromises – you’re still going to end up missing tracks, and using TIDAL’s app, and their metadata, etc.

These compromises would be a pretty big chunk of work for what’s ultimately just a stopgap. It’s much more likely we’ll focus our efforts on delivering a first class On-The-Go solution down the line, as opposed to giving people a way to get their playlists partially working in a different app.

I hear what you are saying and I don’t necessarily think Sonos is the model, but what you said is not correct. You can have a “Sonos Playlist” that can have music from all mixed sources and that playlist stays only in Sonos and no one expects it to go anywhere. As you said you can also be in a Source specific area and edit or add to a Spotify or Tidal Playlist.

In Roon today, you actually have the same thing. You have Roon Playlists and you have Tidal Playlists. You can see in the attached image. You are already showing people that there are different types of playlists.

I do get that Roon has a stronger focus on people that have existing physical libraries. And we would all like to use Roon all the time for all devices, but the streaming services are playing a bigger and bigger role. For some of your users being able to edit and save a Tidal Only playlist is an important use case otherwise they have to edit playlists in two or more places.

So maybe the request then is for Tidal Only playlists (that already exist in Roon) can be editable. Maybe that surfaces only within the TIDAL area of Roon so it is in Context. I agree that any solution that only partially saves a playlist is not good.

i hope you consider it.


I just did the last update on my room’s app. Coincidence or not, my tidal lists are all synced!

Many people only use TIDAL. So this logic leads you to delivering a 0% solution for 100% of users.

Why not sync the TIDAL tracks, and give a message about not being able to sync local tracks? If we’re trying to sync stuff to TIDAL (e.g. playlists) then of course we understand we can only sync the tracks that are actually from TIDAL.


Also this reasoning doesn’t make sense given that you can export playlists that contain a mixture of local tracks and TIDAL tracks… but the TIDAL tracks silently get ignored.

So, it’s unreasonable to sync / export playlists to TIDAL if it means losing local tracks, but totally reasonable to export playlists to local files and silently lose the TIDAL tracks?

Those viewpoints seem contradictory to me.



This is a significant issue for the subset of users that primarily use TIDAL vs. local files and use Playlists. Can you (or others at Roon) say more clearly whether this is being considered or not?

My limited articulation of the request is:

  • User can edit a TIDAL playlist (which you already indicate in the UI that it is a specific type of playlist) that the additions of TIDAL songs and the deletion of TIDAL songs be synced back to TIDAL in the same way they are synced currently from TIDAL to Roon.

  • If you are on a TIDAL song, you can add it to a TIDAL playlist (currently the TIDAL playlists don’t come up in the selection list)

If the answer is this is never going to happen, please just let us know.

I view this seperate and distinct from a Roon-on-the-go solution. There are a variety of reasons to want TIDAL playlists to be up to date that have nothing to do with mobility.



If this means i could carry all my playlists around with in my tidal app I’d love this to happen


I discovered The Glitch Mob today ( via a podcast ) and started making a playlist in Roon (good). Then I remembered that my Roon playlists won’t sync to Tidal (bad!) So I switched to the Tidal app and re-created the playlist. Not the biggest problem in the world but diminishes the experience.

Hey! Thanks! Im gonna try it.

Is it possible to export a playlist from room to tidal?

Tks again!