Tidal integration - Adding (to Roon) and liking a song

Thanks @Greg

Agree on 1 and 2, the playlist comes into Tidal,

On 3, you missed the step of trying to Favorite by clicking on a heart – it does not work. Your step 3 says it changes to solid heart but you did not say you clicked, so i think you wrote 3 wrong. 6 and 7 captures what I am talking about, so i think we are on the same page.

I have had conversations with Support in the past (specifically Mike).The issue is that the song on Tidal and the song in Roon are two different things (different “objects”). On a Tidal Playlist you can only have Tidal songs, so when you add that to Roon the song you are looking at and the song that is on the playlist is still the Tidal version not the Roon version. So I have to navigate in my library (easiest way is the Overview screen where it shows newly added) and favorite it there. Cumbersome.

I am not sure I have an easy answer.

For Roon users that are more album oriented, this is a non-issue. It really is for people using both Tidal (in car, at office, on travel) with Roon. A broader solution for me (setting aside the Favoriting point) would be to have Tidal Playlists editable in Roon. I would be content to navigate to the TIDAL area of Roon, and I would understand that I was in the Tidal context. Then be able to edit Tidal lists and have my Tidal Playlist changes save to Tidal.

Edit: here is an earlier post I made:

This is important for people that actively use Playlists in Tidal.