Tidal integration - Adding (to Roon) and liking a song

I still get frustrated with the Tidal semi-integration. I am playing a playlist (something I converted to Tidal from another source with soundiiz). Some external music discovery.

So I play a song I like. I hit “add to library” which works and then I want to hit the heart as a favorite. But I can’t. Because the song playing is not the song I added to the library, even though I literally just hit the Add to Library button.

I know most people here are “album oriented” but I hope Roon becomes more Tidal Playlist friendly. There should be a two way sync between Tidal and Roon.



Hi Rob,

I’m going to move your post to Support and let’s tag @support as well. I believe that you may have found a couple of bugs.

Here’s what I found. Let me know if it’s what you’re experiencing.

  1. I favourited a Tidal playlist in Tidal. I also created a playlist in a Tidal as well. The playlists have no trouble showing up in Roon.
  2. I started playing a track from the playlist and decided to Add it to Library from the 3 dots menu to the right of the track. The issues also occur if I Add to Library before playing.
  3. I see it correctly changed the dimmed outlined heart icon to solid outlined heart. I can also go to Overview screen and see the newly added album with one track.

  1. If I try and click the heart next to Tell Me by Stevie Ray Vaughan it just flashes solid but does not stay solid.

  2. If I go to the Album and favourite the track there, it works.

  3. Also, you are not able to favourite the track at the bottom of the screen in the currently playing track area, next to the microphone. Although I would expect this, since it was added to the library while the track was playing, even if you try and favourite it after the fact, it doesn’t work. For example, after the song is over, I played it again and it still wouldn’t let me favourite from this area.

  4. Finally, if I go to the Album and favourite the track, it works. However, if I return to the playlist, it still doesn’t show as a favourite.

Rob, can you confirm this is your issue?

Cheers, Greg

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Thanks @Greg

Agree on 1 and 2, the playlist comes into Tidal,

On 3, you missed the step of trying to Favorite by clicking on a heart – it does not work. Your step 3 says it changes to solid heart but you did not say you clicked, so i think you wrote 3 wrong. 6 and 7 captures what I am talking about, so i think we are on the same page.

I have had conversations with Support in the past (specifically Mike).The issue is that the song on Tidal and the song in Roon are two different things (different “objects”). On a Tidal Playlist you can only have Tidal songs, so when you add that to Roon the song you are looking at and the song that is on the playlist is still the Tidal version not the Roon version. So I have to navigate in my library (easiest way is the Overview screen where it shows newly added) and favorite it there. Cumbersome.

I am not sure I have an easy answer.

For Roon users that are more album oriented, this is a non-issue. It really is for people using both Tidal (in car, at office, on travel) with Roon. A broader solution for me (setting aside the Favoriting point) would be to have Tidal Playlists editable in Roon. I would be content to navigate to the TIDAL area of Roon, and I would understand that I was in the Tidal context. Then be able to edit Tidal lists and have my Tidal Playlist changes save to Tidal.

Edit: here is an earlier post I made:

This is important for people that actively use Playlists in Tidal.


Hi Rob,

Actually, I didn’t try and favourite the track until step #4. What I meant in #3 was that the heart icon went from a dimmed outline heart to a solid outlined heart. I edited my post to hopefully make it more clear.

I still see this as a bug since, after the track is added to the library, the heart becomes available to click, but it doesn’t work.

Make sure you post other Playlist requests here, if you haven’t already:

Cheers, Greg

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Will this be solve, real deal breaker for me. Seems like a big bug, why is this not a priority ?