Synchronisation of Roon App across devices and frequent dropouts

Core Machine
Innuos Zen Mini Mark II

Network Details

NBN connection 100/40 Mbps… Router AmpliFi HD… Mesh Network using Linksys Velop

Core hard wired. Audio devices connect via the mesh network

Audio Devices
MacBook Pro 13 inch 2012 version
iPhone 12

Library Size
Small < 1000 tracks

Description of Issue

I have 2 issues one of which is more of a query which i raised previously… The Roon software applications do not seem to synchronise across the various devices eg; if i with from my mini iPad 4 to computer the software doesn’t register the music that is being played. The other problem is more significant and incredibly frustrating… The music drops out on a fairly regular basis and I have to reboot the Roon application. Rebooting the various Mac devices helps initially but then the problem returns.

Any help would be most appreciated. Thank you.

Hello @Dr_Arjun_Rao,

Thank you so much for getting in touch and sharing where you find yourself at the moment. I am so sorry that your streaming experience is interrupted by dropouts and your devices don’t seem to stay synchronized.

For the first issue, could you please try to:

  • uninstall the Roon Remote app on your iPad and iPhone
  • restart the devices
  • reinstall the Roon Remote app on your iPad and iPhone

You can do the exact same thing for your Macbook Pro. You can download the latest Roon software from our website:

As far as the dropouts are concerned, I’m afraid it does not come as a surprise. The Zen Mini II does not meet our minimum requirements for a Core. We explain why this is here:

However, this does not mean you cannot use it. It might prove helpful to make use of this resource we’ve made available: