Syncing between Roon and Tidal

Hi - I’m new to Roon so not sure what I should expect, but; when I add new artists as favourites in Roon, add new albums etc I can’t see these added in Tidal - should this be the case…? It works from Tidal to Roon but not from Roon to Tidal.

Any ideas…?


Hi Michael. Welcome. I’ve been using Roon with Tidal and Qobuz for about 7 months. It is my understanding that the sync feature is all one way.

If you favorite a song or album Tidal it will show up in Roon. If you unfavorite it in Roon it will still be a favorite in Tidal and won’t change.

If you like a playlist in Tidal it will sync to Roon. If you make changes to it in Roon the changes will only occur in Roon, not back in Tidal.

If you create a Playlist in Roon from Tidal songs it will not appear in Tidal.

Probably not want you wanted to hear, but can’t give you any reasons why this happens/occurs. Just does.
If you search Tidal Sync in the forum you will see lots of incidents.

Hearts mean different things. To add Tidal content (albums) to Roon you heart them in Tidal or Add them to the library in Roon. Either way, in the Tidal app that album will have a heart. In Roon, it will not unless you add a Roon Favorite heart (this heart has nothing to do with Tidal it is only used by Roon). If you then remove the album from Roon’s library, it will remove the heart in Tidal as well.

Artists hearted in Tidal mean nothing to Roon. Roon only adds artists when you have content (aka an album) in your library, then it will add the artist. If you heart the Artist in Roon, like with albums, it is Roon only and means nothing to Tidal.

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Thanks for the replies - much appreciated.

This seems like a large gap in Roon’s user experience. If, like a lot of users, I want to use Roon at home and Tidal on the go (car, etc) I want to have access to the artists I discover in Roon (as that’s what I’m mainly using it for). Not sure if any of the Roon UX team monitor this but consider this a customer request - please sync my recently played tracks automatically without the need to ‘add to library’.

Thank you…!


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Bumping this. Can’t believe there’s a way to sync Roon to Tidal. I currently have to do things 2 times, one for each app. Then what’s the point of having Tidal in Roon other than playing it through Roon?

Have to admit I keep finding more reasons to drop Roon