Synology Disk Station Manager 7.0 Now Live - [Solved: Roon supported on a working beta version]

DS 1618+
8GB Ram, INTEL Atom C3538, SSD for data

Since Disk Station Manager 7.0 is now out of beta and publicly available, when will there be an updated Roon Core compatible with DSM 7.0? I updated to the 7.0 last night to find out Roon will not run. If the new Roon Core it just a few days or a week away, I can survive. If it will be longer than that, I will have to figure out how to roll back DSM to a previous version if that can be done at all.


Here is the link to the official thread about this (including a link to a working beta version):


Thank you!

It would be helpful to have an explanation of “Network shared require root permissions, which are no loner allowed…” What does that mean to the users of Roon?

The root account is the equivalent of Administrator on Windows (God → is allowed to do anything, has access to all data).

That’s described in the post I linked:

Before, the app and therefore Roon, were installed as root (God; read/write permissions for the whole system) → no need to configure access rights to folders for Roon to work.

Thank you BlackJack, perhaps I was not clear. I understand what read wire permissions are about. But in what ways does this affect the use or Roon? Will TIDAL no longer work? Will my playlists not work? I import CDs I rip into the music library folder outside of Roon. Will Roon then be able to read that file?

Bottom line is this: Will Roon no longer work well with Synology NAS using DSM 7.0 or is it still too early to tell?

I have read again what Christopher Rieke posted and surmise that the overall effect is Roon cannot simply search a drive to find and add music. You have to give specific permissions to access folders that have music in them. To me that means for new users, you can’t sweep through your NAS looking for music files to add. You need to know where your music is and give Roon access. If that is correct that is not a major factor for me. I know where my music is.

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Note: If you want to use Roon’s backup feature and the backup should go to your NAS but into a folder that not already has the needed rights, don’t forget to add them or the backup will fail or you may not to be able to define a new backup job because you can’t select a (the) backup folder.

Thanks. Note, below is the message I get when trying to install the package. Not sure why this happened.

After installing the new Roon Server, I go to the folder where my music is held, and notice that certain apps ask for access like Plex but there Roon is not listed. Should it be?

Also, I’m not sure what Christoper means by no longer having USB access. Does that mean I can’t keep the core on a USB SSD anymore?

Screen Shot 2021-07-17 at 8.44.17 AM

Please take a read through the linked post again, it seems your question is already answered:

Also the blue thread title is a link that will take you there. IIRC your question about the error message is also already answered in that thread. Further questions about the beta package for DSM 7 are better asked in that thread (located in #roon:qnap-synology) instead of here (#support).

Note: I don’t know more about this than what’s already written in that thread as I’m not a Synology user. Support is for Roon support. Question and issues about the NAS packages and accompanying NAS configuration should go to #roon:qnap-synology. You can just add to the existing thread I linked already for your questions about the beta package and it’s use (if not already answered therein).

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I can report your advice resolved all the issues and Roon is working again.

More importantly, either Disk Station Manager 7.0, or the new install from Christopher has resolved ongoing nagging issues with Roon on Synology.

First, since Roon 1.7, I was experiencing a roughly seven second delay from the end of one track of a playlist to the start of the next song. The delay was just long enough to be noticeable but not so long that it was worth submitting a ticket. This issue is now gone. Next songs start immediately.

Second, my NAD C368 had an ongoing issue where at first start-up sound would not start until I adjusted the volume either up or down. Every time I would fire up the NAD, nothing would play until I clicked on the volume button. Again an annoyance but nothing worth submitting a ticket on. With DSM 7.0, the new Server Install, and perhaps moving the database off the USB drive, somewhere in those changes something occurred and the NAD starts playing songs without me having to adjust the volume.

Last, crazy as it may seem, Roon sounds better than ever. That is most likely a halo effect but I’ll take it. Thanks to all involved for the improvements!!

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