Synology Roon core displaying old NAS name

(Dirk Daems) #1

I have migrated my disks from a DS411+II to a DS918+ and Roon was installed after that migration.
Nowhere I can set a name, the old name remains (network name is “DS918plus”).
Nevertheless the selection of network folders lists the DiskStation as “DS411+II”.
Any idea where that is coming from ?


(Mr Fix It ) #2

In Settings - Core Name

(Noris) #4

Hi @Dirk_Daems,

Did you perform a restore of the database and the name changed only afterwards?
I would try to change the Core name as @wizardofoz mentioned and see if that works, otherwise we can take a closer look here.


(Dirk Daems) #5

Thank you for your replies, I needed to be back at home to show more precisely what I’m trying to fix. It’s the old name of my DiskStation that appear when I open the setting to add a music folder to the library:

Roon is using an information that is else not visible.



Can be seen in Device Properties.

For a Windows PC: Control panel|Sytem

For a networked device: Open properties of device in network neighborhood

As the name suggests, it’s device dependent.
If the wrong model information shows up in device properties (when you check this with your desktop os), you should ask Synology customer support for a solution.

(Dirk Daems) #7

Thanks @BlackJack
I have checked and changed the name in all the places that I could find in DSM. It seems linked to the disk/volume level that does not have a name in DSM.

(Dirk Daems) #8

Thanks @noris
As I said, Roon Server was installed after I migrated the disks and changed the names in DSM. And by the way I never used the “Synology DS411+II” spelling…


That’s because there is no place a user can alter that information in DSM. Data as Vendor, model, Serial-NR, …, is usually set by the device manufacturer.

Or is maybe just stored in a file on the system partition, which is normally not user accessible.

If you setup Roon Server from scratch (without using a backup), then it’s not Roon’s fault and you should talk to Synology customer support.

The answer to the following question remains still open.

(Dirk Daems) #10

The database was created after I moved the disks from the DS411+II to the DS918+. So the hardware was already “Synology DS918+”.

(Noris) #11

Hi @Dirk_Daems,

It looks like the DS411+II name is just for the hard drive while Roon is reading the NAS name correctly as DS918plus.

Can you please check to see if the behavior is the same when using another machine to access the SMB share such as Windows and post a screenshot?


(Dirk Daems) #12

Hi @noris,

I will play with other network shares later today and post the results.

Looking through the folders and files in the RoonServer folder on Synology, I have found in RoonServer -> RoonServer -> Database -> Registry -> Storage an XML file called loc_ that contains “Synology DS411+II” with the label: title. I have changed it to “Synology DS918+” but it didn’t change the Ronn clients’ display.


(Mr Fix It ) #13

Probably have to restart the core at least to get that picked up again

(Dirk Daems) #14

Thanks @wizardofoz, sure that’s what I did right after the change!

(Mr Fix It ) #15

Wonder what happens if you basically start a new database setup rename the old roon or Roon Server folders but maybe it’s not worth the drama… of course do a backup first :nerd_face:

(Dirk Daems) #16

What can be expected to be different ?
The first and fresh install was done on the DS918+.

(Mr Fix It ) #17

Oh then maybe I misread that. my bad…no feedback from Synology then I assume as yet.

(Noris) #18

Hi @Dirk_Daems,

Please let me know what Windows Explorer reports as the name of the drive, I wonder if that could be related. I would also check to see what the Synology Web Config reports for the drive name. Please post a screenshot of both if possible.


(Dirk Daems) #19

Hi @noris, I will do so later today.

BTW: can you help me about the web report please ?

(Noris) #20

Hi @Dirk_Daems,

I am not sure what you are referring to here, can you be a bit more specific? If you’re looking for instructions on how to use your Synology with a PC and how to access the DSM settings, you’ll want to take a look over Synologys Knowledge Base for more details in that regard.


(Dirk Daems) #21

the question is how to produce the report you are asking for :wink:
I’m (very) familiar with DSM but not “Web Config reports”, thanks