Synology SPK-Package: Development


I want to add my thanks for the great job you did in creating the Synology spk. I have been extremely interested in Roon since its launch but was never comfortable with leaving either our Windows laptop or Mac Book Pro on all the time so that it would work whenever Iwanted to listen to music. So I kept telling myself, “As soon as there’s a working Synology version, I’ll pull the trigger on a lifetime membership.” I came back to the Roon community on Thursday evening after a few weeks of not checking and low and behold, I found your solution. I installed it without any problems on my 1511+, pointed to the Music folder and now I have my 6000+ albums and 50,000+ songs at my fingertips! I bought the lifetime license on Friday. Now I just need SimAudio to work out getting my MiND 180 to work with Roon and I’ll be all set. In the interim, Roon easily finds my Marantz 8802 and two Apple TVs, so I am in music geek heaven! Thanks again!



Trying to get a sense of the maximum size library the Synology package will work with.

What have been peoples’ experiences?

My library is over 15,000 albums. Will the package be too slow to support this.

I have a DS415+.

I’m running DS1513+ 2GB RAM Atom 2Ghz. First time I’ve attempted to install this, here’s how it went -

Manually installed the latest from Chris, via Package Centre. Went fine. Roon remote on my laptop and Android connected straight away.

I wasn’t bothered about importing my database, so I started fresh by adding the music location as a local folder /volumeX/Music/

Immediately Roon began adding the files! Resource Monitor shows CPU usage at 24% and Memory at 37%

Can’t remember the exact size of my library, but easily above 1Tb maybe 2Tb, with upwards of 20,000 files all lossless 16bit or 24bit. So I’ll leave it overnight and report back once it’s completed.

So far though, Chris’ work is fantastic, Roon should consider supporting it as an official port :wink:

I’ll be interested in hearing how you make out with your DS415+ and your 15,000 albums, if you decide to try it. I’m using a 415+ and have installed the SPK package, but so far have a very small library. Wondering what to expect as I get ripping.

Before I try it, looking to get some feedback as to how feasible this is.

I recall the developers saying this might be very slow on a large library, so looking for feedback among those who have actually tried this.

Hi steveoat87,
I cannot give any accurate feedback as this will depend on the size of your library and synology cpu.
My library is compared to others here probably quite small. I use it on a DS716+ and equipped the installation volume with a ssd drive and upgraded my ram to 8gb. It works really fast in my setup.

Nevertheless you don’t loose anything if you try it. The setup will not touch your current library if you import it. Instead it will make a copy to the installation volume (which you can export again, during uninstallation).

So if you decide, it is not fast enough for your needs, there is still the option to revert back to your previous setup. If you would like to give it a shot it would be nice if you could share your impressions about performance (especially with a large library).

Likewise, I had been waiting for a core to run on my DS716+. Got the lifetime license last week. Really impressed.

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I have core running on my Synology 1515+ with around 13K tracks. I am hooked directly into a Schiit Gungnir via USB. I am definitely having playback issues with Tidal, RedBook, and DSD files. CPU utilization is low, but I am guessing that context switching is getting in the way.

@Nick_Shanny - Well an 1812+ user here. 3GB memory in the NAS. RoonServer installed on SSD drive on NAS.

RoonServer on NAS. Either RoonBridge on a Mac or PC or using microRendu.

2598 Albums, 32,046 Tracks.

I am able to playback Tidal, DSD64, 24/192 and redbook flawlessly.

Do you have alot of other packages running on your NAS? How much memory do you have?

When you say playback issues, what do you mean?

Big delta is I have never tried direct USB output from my NAS.

Hi Andrew, you mean it works fine on a DS716+ ?

Roon 1.2 (128 and 142) 64bit are both running well on my DS415+ with no restrictions.
Even the Update via the Roon app worked!

Just to confirm that OpenVPN was the issue that stopped my install from working. All working fine now on DS412+ with a 18000 track library.


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Sorry for the stupid question but I’m not able to find where to download the spk…

Works great.

With the 2Go RAM inside or more ? With a SSD inside ?


As with build 142, OpenVPN should be working again while running RoonServer.

I’ll be away in vacation for about a week now and not be able catch up here so frequently.

You can be the first!

If you’re worried about installing a package that’s not official Synology, I can assure you the package is running fine on my 415+. Should be easy as any package to uninstall if the need arises, but it hasn’t here. Christopher obviously knows what he is doing. Much appreciated since it’s not clear the Roon Labs team would get to it any time soon.

I don’t even have 15,000 CD’s and LP’s combined, let alone rips and digital downloads. My plan is if the Synology gets overloaded down the road, to get a more robust but low power consumption server machine, perhaps a NUC, and continue to host the library on the Synology. I was curious about when thatt may be. Maybe never. Last night I ripped one CD and it appeared instantly in Roon. I’ll be happy to report how it goes as I make a concerted effort to rip my CD library, but it’s not reaching 15,000 any time soon.

quick update - 25,000 lossless songs ranging from 16bit 44khz to 24bit 192khz mostly flac but also some dsf and dsd files. browsing roon is pretty snappy, I don’t detect any lag, feels the same as when it ran on my PC.

A couple of hours of continuous use this evening and the responsive feel of RoonRemote remains consistent across my android phone (Galaxy S7) and my laptop.

Next - would be interesting to see if I can get the Roon Server app installed on the Synology to recognise my Oppo 105D as a DAC via usb. My ideal setup would be to control Roon as I am, but route playback throug Oppo as the audio output device.

After writing with danny, he suggested making some changes. I removed the whole Import/Export procedure. In the current version you should create a shared folder called “RoonServer” on a volume of your choice. This could also be an external USB drive. (for external devices there is automatically a share created -> Rename it to RoonServer then.)

You can now have access to the “RoonServerData” (I called it previously “Roon_Database”) and have access to logs and can manually make backups of it. You can also use external drives now to store the data as it is not stored in the package directory anymore.

Please uninstall the previous package if you would like to try it.

One missing AlsaLib is also included in the package and its location will be passed to the RoonServer start script.

let me know, i there are any issues with the new spk.


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Mmm, doesn’t seem to work for me. After the install it doesn’t start.
I created a share /volume1/RoonServer but I do not see anything appear in it during\after the install.

Thanks for the quick fix @crieke!

For those moving from the old package, you can simply have the old package export your setup to a tmp directory and then copy it back after the new install, simply into the new share.