System Output Missing on Mac

I can no longer see system output on Roon under the Audio settings.

I have attempted a reinstall to no effect.

Screen Shot 2020-12-10 at 14.21.49

Hi @myryads,

Can you try disabling the Mac’s firewall? Is there any change after doing so?

Hi @dylan

No change unfortunately.

It’s strange because I can only see my network based endpoints and not my Mac’s system output (built in speakers, headphone jack or bluetooth).

Hi @myryads,

Do you by any chance have any other firewall or antivirus tools on this Mac?
Programs such as Bullguard, Little Snitch, McAFee, etc?
Did you use Time Machine on to restore this Mac?


It looks like the issue was my VPN (Torguard).

When connected Roon does not show my local system output as a playback device. If I disable the VPN then the playback options become available immediately.

This was not previously the case and I want to understand why this is as I use a VPN regularly for my work.

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Hi @myryads,

Thanks for confirming that the issue only occurs with the VPN turned on!

Yes, using a VPN and Roon at the same time can cause issues with device discovery, since the VPN re-routes the connection through your VPN software.

I would check to see if your VPN offers setting up application exceptions and add Roon to the exception list for the VPN, on some other VPN services, this is called Split Tunneling and might help with what you describe.

Understood, however this wasn’t an issue I experienced before despite using a VPN then as well.

Has something changed with Roon’s behaviour in regards to this?

I will investigate split tunnelling but I don’t believe it is a feature my VPN client supports right now unfortunately.

Hi @myryads,

VPNs have regularly caused issues with Roon being able to perform certain functions, after all a VPN re-directs traffic to another server. It’s possible that a VPN update changed something here, but for Roon to be able to discover audio devices, Roon needs to see your local network properly.

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