Tagging vinyl for Roon import

I’m about to sign up to Roon (running the trial on my business QNAP) and will probably get a Innuos Zen Mk 3 as well.

I play a lot of old records, many of which are far superior to Qobuz versions. I’ve so far avoided ripping them, but Devialet Expert makes it dead easy as the usb outputs a 24/192 stream that I can record in Audacity. I can then save it in any format I like. I used 24/192 FLAC and, as expected, over Devialet Air it sounds exactly as the record.

With the Innuous software I believe I can input all the track details. I have no desire to do that and don’t need it done.

If the FLAC file has the artist and title, will Roon Core index it with the correct track details?

If there’s fitting metadata available then: yes. Keep in mind that correct vinyl metadata may be sparse compared to what exists for CD and digital releases.

Also, your FLACs would need to be within a tolerable limit regarding track length or manual identification in Roon may have to be initiated.

No idea what the Innuos and its software can do – I’ve used VinylStudio from https://www.alpinesoft.co.uk for recording and preparing the digital files. It supports metadata lookup and also helps cutting the recordings into more or less right sized tracks. I doubt that one gets decent results without a considerable amount of manual work (cutting, adding / checking metadata) - so be prepared for this. Tools and black boxes won’t do it all alone.

Thanks. Did look at VinylStudio, but downloaded Audacity for free and it literally took 2 minutes to get started with the correct bitrates and auto-detection.

I suspect it will be a case of wait and see.

For roon to work properly it really needs to identify at the album level if it doesn’t you might get a mixed bag of results.
There are quite a few threads in the forum about metadata tagging and the routes roon uses. Putting tracks in correctly named folder hierarchies etc.
Good luck!

+1 for vinyl studio. I recorded about 2000 albums at 24/96 and as stated the look up functions and approx track lengths that just need tweaking was extremely helpful and saved a substantial amount of time in my opinion. Roon has indexed all.

Thanks. Will try my first one now!

Well, that was easy. Did one of my favourite albums first, it’s a very clean copy and all my records are wet cleaned with a Loricraft. Used Vinyl Studio and it’s easy peasy!!!

I let Vinyl Studio find the track listings, are up with about a dozen versions and I selected the one with the correct album cover (the 1960 Stereo pressing).

I then dragged it onto my server and went into Roon and did a forced scan. That took a few seconds and the album appeared in my library. Roon had changed the cover art to a Roon preference, but I had not set metadata preferences.

Anyway, I took a photo of the cover, squared it up on my phone and added it into Roon, which again took a few seconds and the result is very pleasing. It was almost fun doing this.

QUESTION: Can I ad as a further image or pdf the cover notes?

Yes, you can. :slight_smile:

Add the images (and if you have, pdf files) >>> into the album folder. That’s btw something I recommend to do with the main cover, too – that way the work you put into cover art is easier to back up and also usable outside of Roon.

Something like:

front.jpg (or .tif(f) / .png) … for the front cover (this would also be picked up by Roon as the cover image)
back.jpg … for the back cover

sleeve.jpg … for the record sleeve

booklet.pdf … for booklets

inside the album folder will work out fine. Roon will list additional pictures and pdf files on the album page.

Glad you found it useful and enjoyed it. I recorded about 4 a day when I could. Discovered all sorts of records that hadn’t played for years and really enjoyed!
There were only about two obscure punk ones that vinyl studio had problems with. Can’t recommend the programme highly enough.

Well that worked perfectly

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Really nice to see you have a positive experience!

Well, I just learned how easy it is to split tracks to match track details.
The second side of Saint and Sinner Lady has three continuous tracks, so no split, and the joint name of the three sections is too long!
Roon will delete the file off the disk, I fixed the names and listings very easily and and copying the corrected version in.
About to pay my $20