Tags listing only till Album starting in R, nothing after that


Roon Core Machine

NUC i17 10th Gen, 16RAM, 256 M.2 and 8TB SSD

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

USB connected to Denafrips Hermis DDC

Number of Tracks in Library

I have rebuilt recently and kept very little to isolate the problem. 2296 Albums and 25167 Tracks

Description of Issue

I have tagged albums by group artist name. I can see in My Stuff → TAGS, Upto Album starting R, after that not listing anymore… like Album starts with S

I have completely rebuilt the ROCK, but no luck. still seeing the same list.

Kindly help me to fix the problem.

What is the sort order of the tags? (There is a sort menu top right on the Tags page). I am asking because it does not seem to be sorted alphabetically by tag name, based on the order showing Pink Floyd - The Police - Queen.

Unless Roon decides to ignore the “The” in The Police because the tag is the same as an artist name, but I would consider that surprising and probably somewhat weird, in Tags.

Apart from the fact that, of course, the Tags page should show all your tags, whatever you choose them to be: It seems to be an unusual way to create artists. Are you aware that you can …

  • choose an artist in My Library > Albums > Focus
  • filter by name in My Library > Artists
  • on a PC you can also simply type the artist name in Albums if the albums are sorted by artist name, and it will show the albums whose artists fit the typed letters

I am used to sort artist using Tag, so just using it like that… it’s a good idea to use Focus also… I will try…

I’m just saying, maybe that helps generally. But obviously it’s your choice how you want to use tags, and the Tags page should, of course, show all your tags …
Still wondering about that sort order on Tags :slight_smile:

I just tested this out, and surprisingly, “the” is ignored when sorting tags by name. I suspect there may be a limit on the total number of tags.

Huh, interesting. Bug or purpose? I think a bug, because:

  1. For testing I created a random tag that is not an artist, “The best albums to make love to”, and it is sorted under B instead T:

  1. IF “The” was treated in Tags just like in the albums or artists browser on purpose, one would think that the sort order would also depend on Settings > General > Browser Sort Preferences > Name for Artist Sorting. However, it does not. Testing: the tag “Neil Young” is always sorted in N under Tags, regardless of the browsing preference being First Name or Last Name.

Bug or not, this treatment is inconsistent within itself.

Regarding the maximum number of tags: Interesting, I did not know that and didn’t think to look. That’s not great (and 56 not a lot) but in this case:

  • When creating tag #57, the software should warn that it will affect the Tags page
  • On the Tags page, instead of just stopping the listing it should display “displaying the maximum number of tags: xx” or something like that

FYI, since I got no response on the post I made before, the workaround I’m using is to sort in reverse-alpha to get the “bottom-half” of the tag list…this will work until I reach 112 tags.

56 seems like a very strange number as a maximum threshold, and I view this as a bug. There are other pages, in Roon, with collections of information, similar to the tags area, that are “infinite-scroll” style and can contain >10000 items with no problem(eg. my albums page).

I think OP may be using tags “incorrectly”…why would you make a tag for an artist if that functionality and information is already available under MyLibrary—>Artists. I am using roon tags to group albums/songs by categories that are not already native to the application(Album, Artists, etc). An example of tags I am using are of the type “songs that contain words related to water” or “songs with animals in the name”…

@Pravin_Ebenezer_N - “Only 56 tags shown” issue aside…what are you trying to do with the tags?

I want to group songs by my wish… So I need a space where It looks like folder view structure.
some tags are by file attributes and some tags are manually created and moved other tags.

Currently, Roon works as the designers have created it. This may or may not fit your needs. You can look for a similar existing feature suggestion in

or write one if there is none.

It may not be likely that it will be implemented, though, in particular if it involves something akin to folder browsing. Actual folder browsing has been discussed to death and will never happen.

Roon has many other ways to browse the library and you will be much happier with Roon if you (learn to) use it the way it was meant to. If this is not for you, it’s also OK, though.

I"ve not run into the limitation, but, you can tag tags. So if you make a Tag call 1 which should always sort first, you can tag the tags which you don’t see and then you should be able to see them under the “1” Tag.

Tagged albums with tags that are the artist name and then viewing the artists in My Stuff > Tags rather than My Library > Artists. See the screenshot in the first post but don’t ask me why:

What I was thinking …

@Pravin_Ebenezer_N - Folder browsing is extremely inefficient when libraries get large, which is what Roon, and many other “music library” applications are all about. If I tried to use folder browsing, on my system the tree would have ~5000 nodes…unless the artist is at the beginning or end, it would take ages to find the one I am looking for.

As @Suedkiez said, if you are going to keep using Roon, you should embrace the way it is designed, not fight it. Make sure as many albums as possible are “identified” in Roon and start using the search functionality. The only semi-decent music player I can think of with a tree is Clementine…but it has nowhere near the functionality of Roon.

Or Filter if you know what you are looking for is IN your library.

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