The Evolution Of My Listening Room

My neighbor just gave me his old Denon AVR-2805 receiver for free. I’m using WIFI to one of my RPi4’s to feed the Meridian Prime via USB with RCA to the receiver. Now I just need to find some reasonably priced speakers and I’ll have a listening room for when the wife runs me off.

This makes good use of my Meridian Prime because I had relegated it to the bench since I prefer the Chord Mojo2 for most headphone listening.

I got the remote working by cleaning the battery connections with alcohol, then sandpaper.

I’m using Pure Direct - Analog which hardly, if any, messes with the signal from the Meridian Prime. Basically, just using the Denon as an amp.

Just add speakers…


I love when that happens. My old good friend gave me a vintage Kenwood amp for free when he was cleaning up the old garage. Still did not buy any speakers as $ went in to the main system. It will end up in the bedroom fed by an old laptop and a spare dac.

Have fun on your run off :slight_smile:

Ps: Lovely to see the photos


Do we have to change the nickname from your “minimalist” theme then soon Jim?

Seriously, enjoy the new toys!


I had its bigger sibling the 3805 back when the models were current (circa 2005). A solid bit of kit. :+1:

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I got one of these the other day with a small power supply issue fixed up with about $5 worth of parts and an hour of my time to troubleshoot and repair. Bargain and has built in DAC and phono preamp, balanced in and pre outs plus’s sub out. Even came with the remote control that works too.


I still have it, together with the 3910 DvA/SaCD player. Hooked up a HifiBerry Digi+ to it as Roon zone.

Using it in my office.


So, if I am unable to find a used pair of passive speakers, what are some suggestions for this setup? I realize speakers are a very personal thing based on taste, but would floor standers be too much for this 12 feet X 12 feet room? I just want a pair of reasonably priced passive speakers such as maybe Klipsch.

Also, do I need 3-way if I don’t want a subwoofer? I would like to keep total cost at no more than US$1000.

I think you are on the right track with some Klipsch, they are great all round speakers and I’m guessing they are a lot cheaper over there than over here. There is a lot to be said for second hand speakers I reckon. Don’t overload your room with bass though so smaller ones may be more advisable. I would also consider some of the classic JBL.

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Nah, I have 803D’s in a 12x14 room, their final home isn’t ready yet. :laughing:


What about a pair of KEF LS50 Meta’s? Would they work for me in this 12 feet X 12 feet room. Receiver is 100 watts per channel. Thanks.

I would say they would overpower the room and more expensive than you need to spend. The roon being square doesn’t help things acoustically l. I would look for a smaller stand mount than those that can be easily placed next to the front wall and isn’t fussy about placement those will need to be out from wall to fully appreciate them. I would look f for a non ported infinite baffle type.

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Doesn’t the Denon do room correction/equalisation with a supplied microphone? If so just let it do its stuff and it should sort the room for you.

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No. It is 20 year old AVR.


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Yes, it does room correction and he gave me the microphone for it. You can use the room correction and Pure Direct at the same time.

I haven’t read many great reports about KEF LS50 Meta’s so those are off my shopping list. The reason I asked is I found a used pair for just over $800.

I really don’t want a subwoofer, so I’m thinking I might need 3-way. Thanks.

When I get home, I’m going to Best Buy and listen to everything they have for no more than US$1000 a pair.


In your size of room you won’t need a sub as you will get a lot of resonance. Eq on older AVRs is pretty basic and mostly adjusting speaker trim levels it won’t be doing any modern day digital dsp.

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Already answered but it was around 2005 vintage so not quite 20 years and my 3805 certainly had correction though from memory it was to calibrate distance rather than response. It’s impact was to create a more realistic continuous surround experience that put you bang in the middle of the sound stage but it certainly wasn’t hugely powerful.

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Pioneer HPM-60’s. Now, I might want a screen for my RPi4 sitting on top of the Meridian Prime.

They were a little bright to start but I toned them down with a little Roon EQ. They seem perfect now.


Grills or no grills? I might leave the grills on so my wife doesn’t try dusting them. I think I prefer the grills on.


I would go without grill, but it adds some protection.
Very nice. Happy listening

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Grilles on they are not too pretty without.