Theme Generator, Mark II

album-dimlayer #70%181818

Was added at the end too I think

@moderators is it possible to unlock my first post in this thread so I can edit it to reflect the changes that were made today?

Correct. I’ve just added that to the theme generator too.

Yeah did not notice the 2 changes but was rushing through it before work so why I missed them, good spot though. Will grab the new version after work tonight.

I figured there must have been a change to the file :slight_smile:

I updated my modified generator: Roon v1.8 Theme Generator v1.12 - Antdroid Edition - Google Sheets

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Can someone post a new updated monochromatic dark theme please?

You just need to add two additional lines to the colors file.

Look for the line atom-bluebg-noalpha and add atom-blugebg-noalpha-classical beneath it. Set the hex value to the same for both, i.e. copy the hex value from atom-bluebg-noalpha

Add a new line at the end of the file as follows:


Again, copy the hex value from the layer above (I.e. the dimlayer hex value).

For example, for one of my light themes, I now have the following additional lines:

atom-bluebg-noalpha-classical #888888


album-dimlayer #70%181818


One of the easiest things to do it to open your previous color file and the new one in a text editor in separate windows side by side and go through line by line. I noticed some of the section breaks are different but ultimately i don’t think this matters.

Nope, the section breaks and comments don’t matter, nor does the order (as best I can tell).

Your advice above to add those two lines worked best. Thank you!

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Worked for me as well. Thanks!


Thank you @DaveN !

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A gentle bump for the @moderators - is it possible to make the first post in this thread editable so I can update it?

There are some Dark Theme propositions (like your firebrick light… but with background dark) ?

I did produce a set of dark themes that I shared at the start of this thread. If you want to use them you’ll need to add two extra lines at the end of the colors files as follows:

atom-bluebg-noalpha-classical #242424
album-dimlayer #70%181818

Adding those lines will ensure that the themes I created are compatible with the latest version of Roon.

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Many thanks David. The corrections are done.
The work done is already huge. :+1:
I don’t dare to ask if the Theme generator will integrate some Darkside base models?

I’m thinking about creating one at some point over the next few weeks. Watch this space :slight_smile:

Thanks for the effort @DaveN
I recently upgraded to 1.8 and the theme generator helped a lot to get a nicer look :+1:

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Mate, this tool is the best I found on 2021. Thanks for sharing

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