This morning after Roon update my PI is not visable anymore as endpoint

Thanks for trying to help, but that was done already a few times, Roon Core rebooted as well, all updates installed etc… Trying both LAN as WIFI …

Just reflash it, the Roon 571 update also had a Roon Bridge update. It’s possible that the update on your Pi didn’t “take”.

That was my last option, hence I send the log to Ropieee, hoping for some input. If nothing comes back I will re flash it…

It is not capable of starting RoonBridge because that give’s an error.
I assume that’s because of the update of RoonBridge itself, but rather annoying that I don’t understand ‘why’.

I suggest you reflash (that’s the easiest way). I just hope we don’t end up in more people having this issue. As I’m not at home right now I can’t check with my own gear.


FWIW, my one RoPieee (technically XL, but shouldn’t matter) updated RoonBridge on its own just fine. So it’s not something where it is bricking itself always.

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Xref this post

yep, I reflashed and all works now - Agree, that is why I posted, is that I do not understand the “WHY” :wink: for now I have music - From IT perspective not nice, as the other 4 Raspberries I have with Ropieee all worked fine after the upgrade - Roon also recognised it again, no need for re naming or doing settings again

Mine isn’t either, both Pi 4 - don’t really want to reflash as I’ve updated names and all sorts

Just go into ROON Settings>Audio and re-enable. Same thing happened to me


They aren’t there to reenable sadly - as far as Roon is concerned my Pi’s are no more,they are deceased Pi’s :joy:

Did you unplug and plug them back in?

WiFi or Ethernet?

Can your router see them?

Yes they are fine, can go into both and they report all is well

But Roon says ‘no’ have rebooted everything several times

Tim, I had exactly that… all there in the network, not visable in ROON and nothing to RE-enable… had to re flash

I remember when lowering the stylus into the groove just worked, well, so long as not too much vino…!

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I was just holding out to see if @spockfish was about to release a patch but a flash would seem the only way

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That could still happen, but then you need to wait :wink:
I’m not at home so I can’t check, and tonight I’m not able to do that.

That’s ok, I thought maybe your team in Mumbai might have been on it by now, or the Seattle devs… :joy:

There doesn’t seem to be a pandemic yet, so if a reflash does it then so be it, you can have fun when you get home figuring out why! :+1:

Hi Harry - well it’s a funny one, I’ve refreshed both Pi’s with XL and all went well. I can’t use both at the same time as I only have one DAC, but the main one is back in position and appears on the Roon list, is enabled, but when I try and play it just doesn’t. Roon says nothing, but the play icon turns back from the pause to the play icon again after a few seconds - no error message.

The weird thing is I notice both Pi’s have (ShairportSync) after the Ropieee name in Roon Audio settings, and I am sure there are far fewer options to configure for the device than usual - of course, all the usual stuff isn’t there, but they don’t show up on any other devices as an Airport endpoint either? Perhaps I did something wrong!

I just downloaded the usual XL compressed zip file and flashed it as normal? They are both fine when accessed by the web interface.

unique identifier 63b668814e3af9f1

Well I had to enable the DAC not the Pi - the Pi on Ropieee was just in the list already as text with no enable or disable button. Panic over… @spockfish :slight_smile:

Anybody know of an easy way to save the flash image somewhere once you have renamed devices and enabled wifi and turned of blinking lights and what ever? Took ages to get this all set-up again…