[Ticket in] RoonServer memory issue causing play stops and remote disconnection on Ubuntu Server 22.04.3 (ref#1DURK5)

Affected Product


Roon Issue Category


Description of Issue

RoonServer memory blows up, causing play stops and remote disconnection, Ubuntu Server 22.04.3. Started happening a few days after I moved my main Roon server to this new machine from an older, less powerful one. Rebooting the server shrinks memory from high 20GBs to 4GB, which is still a lot more than I saw on the old machine for months (I was monitoring this because other users reported memory blow up). Music library is a clone of the old machine’s.

Roon Core Platform

Linux (NAS/SonicTransporter/Antipodes/Ubuntu/etc.)

Linux Core Type

Ubuntu Server 22.04.3

Roon Core Specifications

i7-13700, 32GB memory, 500GB SSD system, 4TB SSD music.

Connected Audio Devices

All wired ethernet to HQPlayer server>NAA endpoint>Holo May KTE and to Linn Klimax DSM

Home Network Details

All ethernet, UniFi UDM Pro router, UniFi switches.

Hi! @Fernando_Pereira, thank you for your report. I requested a diagnostics report from your machine and went through. It looks you are having the memory leak problem which we are investigating at the moment :frowning:

Could you, please, tell me how large is your Database folder in size?



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3.66GB for server ebnefluh (the one that’s having the problem currently)

Memory is slowly creeping up, now 2.97GB. I (think I) have disabled IPv6, if that matters.

For reference, here’s the output of a script that records logged physical and virtual memory, showing the big blow-up a few days ago. Each drop to baseline is a reboot.


I have same or similar problem after I needed to move to a NUC7i5. I installed Ubuntu 23.04 on this NUC. To manage these memory issues and associated Roon flaws, I made a script that stops and restarts roonserver every night. I would rather like the root cause having fixed.
I didn’t had this issues on my previous NUC6i5 with Ubuntu 18.04.

Got it, thank you, @Fernando_Pereira. Could you, please, put your DB in a zip archive and upload it here? It might be needed for the further investigation.



Compressed database uploaded.

Thank you, @Fernando_Pereira!


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I also seem to have this issue on 22.04.

Just an update here. We could reproduce this one locally and created a ticket for out dev team. I hope the are going to figure out how to resolve this one soon.




It’s not just a linux issue.
I see exactly the same issue with Roon using 18+GB’s of memory on my Windows 10 based server.

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Our current understanding of the bug is that it’s a RoonServer issue, which means that before the packaging changes that we introduced in early access build 1310 it was primarily but not exclusively a Linux issue, because most RoonServer installs were on Linux. After those changes it will be a universal issue, so it’s important to us to resolve it before shipping the packaging changes to everyone.

Build 1321 included a change to switch to “workstation” instead of “server” garbage collection mode for RoonServer. This is the same change discussed in this support thread, except built into RoonServer instead of being set via an environment variable: RoonServer High CPU and RAM Usage Ubuntu 22.04 / Roon Remote slow / no response - #37

Please let us know if you notice any change in memory usage or overall performance here.

Yes I’m running Roon Server on a Windows 10 machine.

I’ll monitor after I get 1321, currently I’m running 1311, which still has the issue.

Graph from my memory script (Ubuntu Server 22.04.3). The big VM drop is after the update. There were several reboots along the way as I updated Ubuntu.


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