Tidal album import is slow; CD album import has no Roon artwork

Two nights ago, importing Tidal albums into my collection was painfully slow. I understand that multi disc sets can take some time to import, but these were all single disc albums. Roon even prompted with the standard error message that the import was taking unusually long.

Last night, ripped CD albums imported into my collection possessed seemingly some, though possibly incomplete metadata matches. But the real sticking point was absolutely no Roon artwork matches. All of my ripped CD albums have embedded artwork at up to 800 pix resolution. Roon frequently upgrades that artwork. However, none of the artwork has been replaced on any of the recently imported CDs, which are almost all mainstream releases. Under the Album Editor -> Edit Fields -> Album Artwork menu, the Roon icon shows “No image.”

Could any of this be related to the AMG metadata shutdown? I experienced a similar issue with dBpoweramp two days ago, as AMG finally disappeared as a metadata source. Nearly all of my CD albums have been ripped with dBpoweramp Reference R15 with AMG as the primary metadata source.


Tidal import: I have seen this message a couple of times, and put it down to Tidal/Roon performance variance for some reason, rather than anything on my local network being an issue. It seems to just whirr away in the background and doesn’t hamper my use of Roon.

Cd import art: My use case is similar to yours in that I use dbP, but I have no album art issue. I have art embedded in the files as well as as folder.jpg in the album folder. Does your embedded art show up in the list of available images in the Roon edit window at all?

I have this import slowness and the same message coming up on my system as well.

My dBpoweramp workflow is roughly the same as yours. It embeds up to 800 pix resolution artwork and saves said artwork also as a separate folder.jpg. Call it redundant, but I just am covering all bases.

And, yes, my artwork shows up in the Album Editor -> Edit Fields -> Album Artwork menu. Under the three options of Best, Roon, and File, my artwork occupies the Best and File slots. The Roon slot is empty for the affected CD albums.

All of that said, the Tidal and CD album import issues I encountered the other nights appear to have subsided. I had no problems with either type of import last night. Tidal albums imported quickly, and CD albums were matched with higher resolution artwork, if available. So, the import issues seem to have been fleeting hiccups.

However, I am left with those few recently imported CD albums without higher resolution artwork. Short of deleting and reimporting them, is there an easy way to get Roon to reexamine those albums? Asking Roon to rescan or reidentify accomplishes nothing with the affected CD albums.


Recan/Re-identify would have been my suggestion; not sure what else you can try - let’s see if the @support team can offer any advice

Hi @WiWavelength ----- Thank you for the report and my apologies for the inconveience. In order to accurately assess the situation, I’d like to gather the following information from you. Please see below. Thanks!

  1. Can you please describe in detail, as seen here, your current setup.

  2. May I also ask you to please describe your network configuration as well. How are your device communicating (WiFi, Ethernet, both)? What equipment is being used (routers, repeaters , extenders, powerline adaptors)?

The more specific and detailed you can be, the better :sunglasses: