Tidal doesn't work anymore

unfortunately my Tidal music account does not work anymore via Roon.
As I saw in my archive it played on 16th January lately.
Since then I haven’t spent time with Tidal so I cannot verify the date it stopped working.
Maybe it was the update to 1.6? Through theTidal-App everything goes.
I play on Roon Nucleus+ and have a Tidal-Hifi subscription model.
I tried to reboot and also emptied out the cache in the Nucleus database, nothing of these steps brought help.
Thanks in advance,

Hi Manfred,

I’ve turned this into a public Support thread so the support staff can investigate and get this fixed for you.

Hi Andrew,

I found a solution meanwhile by putting in the Google-DNS and hope this keeps working.

Thanks for your quick response.

Best regards,


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