TIDAL favorite playlists - automatic or manual update

Hello everybody,

I am struggling with one thing regarding TIDAL & Roon. Indeed, I have on TIDAL playlists that I added as favorites, and as expected they appear on “my playlist” in the Roon App.
Unfortunately, those playlists don’t update automatically (not really convenient when the TIDAL playlist is a frequently updated playlist) - even if i sync TIDAL in the ROON/services of the app and even if I reboot my Core.

Strangely, those playlists update themselves sometimes without me doing anything, but not at the frequency that I would like.

Also my question is: is there a way, even manually, to update those TIDAL playlists on ROON?
Or would it be possible, in the Roon app / TIDAL window, to have in the “Your favorites” also your favorite playlists (as of now, in the TIDAL window / your favorites, I only have artists, albums and songs but not playlists).

Many many thanks if someone has a solution (I tried to look at the forum, but the only solutions I found was the sync within services and the core reboot…)


Hi @Eric_Delgutte,

So we can better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

How many playlists do you have in TIDAL?

If you create a new playlist and then sync TIDAL in Roon does that new playlist come over right away even if other playlists aren’t updating?

Hi @dylan,

Many thanks for your answer.
Regarding my setup

  • Roon Core: Roon version 1.7 running on NAS Synology (
  • Remotes: Roon IOS, Roon Andoid and Roon on PC
  • Network: NAS server directly connected to my internet access through RJ45 cable (connected to core through Wifi)
  • Audio device: KEF LS50 wireless, also directly connected to my internet access through RJ45 cable
  • Library: some music on my NAS, Qobuz and TIDAL
  • My internet access: fiber internet, Orange France as internet provider, Orange box (where my NAS and my speakers are directly connected) is a propietary box https://assistance.orange.fr/equipement/livebox-et-modems/sagemcom-livebox-5#fiche_presentation

For the moment, I only added 8 TIDAL playlists (set as favorites to see them in the Roon - playlists tab).

Regarding your last question, yes. I’ve just added as a favorite a playlist in Tidal, then have synchronized Tidal in the services menu and it was displayed instantly in the Roon - playlist tab.
By the way, doing this operation (i.e. adding a new favorite playlist in TIDAL) seems to update all the others at the same time (I checked yesterday night and they were not updated, and now - after doing your test to add a new one as favorite - they are all updated…)

many thanks if you can find the issue!

Ps : I can confirm what I have noticed yesterday. Apparently, TIDAL playlists update themselves (I mean tracks within a given playlist) only if you add or remove a complete playlist. If the number of playlist don’t change, tracks are not updated

Hi @Eric_Delgutte,

I wanted to check in with you here, are you still experiencing this issue?

I’m not sure I quite understand what you are saying here, can you clarify?
Once you perform a manual TIDAL sync your tracks should appear in the playlists.

Hi @noris,

Yes the issue is still there.

Basically, my TIDAL favorites playlists appear in Roon under my playlist. But if, within a playlist, tracks change (new tracks, new sorting, etc.), it doesn’t update inside Roon - even if I manually sync Tidal service in Roon.
However, if I favorite a new one inside Tidal and manually update on Roon, all my Tidal playlists update however.

To give you a theoretical example, let’s say that I have 5 favorite Tidal playlists (playlist 1, playlist 2, playlist 3, playlist 4 and playlist 5) - all thus appearing inside Roon - my playlists.

  • Tidal update playlist 2 and 3
  • I manually update Tidal inside Roon, but when I go inside my playlists in Roon, playlist 2 and 3 are the same as before -> not updated
  • However if I favorite a new playlist inside Tidal (let’s say playlist 6), and I manually update TIdal inside Roon, then I can see all my 6 playlists BUT playlists 2 and 3 are now updated

Bottom line TIDAL favorited playlists don’t update (in a given playlist) except if you add or remove a complete playlist.

Tell me if it is clearer or not - and thanks a lot if you can solve this issue !

ps: this issue is quite problematic as soon as you have “top of the week” like playlists - if 3 weeks later you still have the same one, it doesn’t make sense to follow them inside Roon


Hi @Eric_Delgutte,

Thanks for the additional details here! I’ll forward the details to QA to see if they can reproduce your findings on their end!

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Hi @noris - I hope you are doing well.
Do you have any news regarding this topic?
many thanks,

Hello @Eric_Delgutte,

Thanks for the reminder on this one! I spoke to QA and they have confirmed that this is expected behavior at this time, once a playlist has been added to Roon, it will remain static unless removed and re-added.

I understand that this is not ideal behavior here, but it is the way that Roon currently works. If you would like to see any changes in this area, I suggest that you fill out a feature request, our product team keeps an eye on that section!

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