TIDAL hifi stream breaking up

In the past week or so the HIFI service from TIDAL is breaking up in staccato fashion of random lengths (of music or silence). It is no longer listenable.
Low resolution streaming is not affected as far as I can tell.

Are the TIDAL servers overwhelmed?

This is an EXPENSIVE service which should stream without disruption.

I am on countdown to cancellation.

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I’m not sure what you are asking or saying here. Is Tidal HIFI not working at all or just when playing through Roon? If it is not working at all then there could be a large number of issues going on. Yes, the Tidal Servers could be overwhelmed, your internet provider could be having issues, your own personal network could be having issues. If it plays fine via other players, then more information about your setup would help.
I agree Tidal is an expensive service at 19.99 a month for HIFI.

David, I am also be affected, playing Tidal within Roon, or just Tidal app itself
has become unusable for nearly 2 weeks.

I am located in Australia … and a lot of other Aussies are being affected with Tidal
becoming unusable, so bad that they are starting to cancel Tidal subscriptions.

Tidal in Australia is now unusable … is an alternative music streaming source able to be integrated into Roon ?

Maybe something like Spotify or Apple Music ?

I much prefer Tidal, though not if it is unusable (pause, stutters, will not play).

Tidal app and Tidal songs being played from within Roon has become unusable for nearly 2 weeks.

I am located in Australia … and a lot of other Aussies are being affected with Tidal
becoming unusable, so bad that they are starting to cancel Tidal subscriptions.
It is not a network issue on my home network or my ISP … so many others are
being affected as being reported on Stereonet hifi forum in Australia.

Ah, I’ve been experiencing this and thought it was iinet or local ADSL exchange congestion. I’ll try a VPN and see if that helps.

Roon hasn’t made any announcements about integration with other streaming services in the near future.

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thanks for letting me know … I was not aware that iinet users were being affected.
I am with Telstra, and others are with Optus.
So that is now 3 different ISP’s … so does not look to be caused by a single ISP.

by the way, their is a rapidly growing thread on OZ website Stereo Net
called “Qs for TIDAL users…”
current issues start half way down Page 2 … from the 4th November.
it has grown to 8 pages already over the last few days …

I have no desire to leave Tidal … but the amount of pausing, stuttering and freezing to my Auralic Aries, and the need to constantly cold power off/on the Aries had me a bit worried about placing undue wear and tear on the Aries (normally I just leave it powered on 24/7).

Also, running Roon on my Macbook Pro (until Roonspeakers is delivered for the Aries) which I love for music discovery. Tidal is currently failing on that setup too.

Still, a working reliable music streaming service is essential to get the full benefits of Roon, and unfortunately this is not being realised with Tidal at the moment (at least in Australia).

I hope Tidal becomes reliable again (and soon as it is currently unusable), as it is normally a great service.

Though if I have to get rid of Tidal, it does make the value of Roon less to me.

I love the Roon interface … though the value of Roon to me, is mainly the integration of my legacy music library along with a music streaming service like Tidal … having it all in one wonderfully designed user interface.


Tidal is OK again for me again today. I read the thread, thanks for that. Some of the people were reporting much greater problems than I had. I was experiencing a momentary skip once or twice every 15 minutes, still enough to be very annoying. I subscribed to US Tidal a bit more than a year ago (before JZ) and to begin with there were problems, but they got considerably better and then better again with Roon. At the moment there are zero skips but the test will be at times of maximum congestion.

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And it just went hopeless at 4:07 pm. Stuttering something shocking. Genuinely unlistenable. Had been perfect for 2 hours prior.

I think I’ll combine this thread with the other one John (let me know if you prefer not) as we may be able to get @jeremiah to tell us all if Tidal is having some particular issue lately.

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Me too !! Though I only got 1 hour without issues … then the stuttering started … then even worse is the “pausing” … that is I start a Tidal song in Roon … it plays about 8 secounds, then freezes. I then click on Pause, then again on Play … and the rest of the song is fine.

Then I have to repeat that procedure for each and every song (that is sourced from Tidal).

What prompted me to start a new thread was from reading Stereonet and Computer Audiophile, these issues seem to be focussed for Aussies, and I was not sure if the guys in the other thread were also located in OZ or elsewhere.

Andrew, I’m fine to combine with the other thread (is that the “TIDAL hifi stream breaking up” thread ?). No problem. Thanks.

Since starting this thread I have been traveling so apologies for lack off response. Here are some comments and observation relevant to all posts:

  1. I too am based in Australia.
  2. Previously I encountered disrupted steaming of higher resolution files on Spotify which is why I swapped to Tidal when it appeared smooth in streaming operation.
  3. The disruption to Tidal HiFi streaming is severe for FLAC files - a few seconds of music followed by long silent gaps or total disconnection.
  4. Interestingly, the problem is less severe for Tidal’ s “What’s new” albums, in FLAC format. So perhaps those files are on more of their servers…?

It really pisses me off!

I’ve sent an email to their Support, lets see if they can add some light to this. Hopefully it’s not a permanent downgrading of Australian service.

And a couple of items I missed: this disruption with Tidal occurs with all devices/configurations: via iPhone app, via Naim embedded service, via Roon on mac mini system.

Internet bandwidth is not an issue nor my Ethernet network.

I have given up on using the Tidal service from within Roon.

Also given up on Tidal on the Auralic Aries using LDS.

The only way I can get Tidal to work without issues, is by using the “Offline” mode
on my iPhone/iDevice and connecting that to my DAC.

No issues with my Network … everything else streams fine.

Forgot to mention that I get the following error on my “Overview” page in Roon.

"Error Loading Page

Please check your network connection.

Reload Page"

This is an error that only has been in Roon since Tidal became unreliable.

I’m still experiencing unlistenable stuttering when streaming FLACs from Tidal. AAC, however, is playing back fine.

Edit: after 3 songs I am now experiencing same problam with AAC.

Sorry to hear you are still suffering … by the way, some people on stereo net were OK this morning … though unfortunately that did not last long before the issues came back.

Day 13 … as it started on 4th November in OZ.

A lot of legimate complaining in OZ about Tidal which appears to grow by the day.
At first I think people thought it was their home networks (I did, so ruled that out first).
Then we thought it may be our ISP’s … though gathering so much data that this is not the cause.

On Day 14 (tomorrow) I will be cancelling my Tidal subscription.

When they resolve the problem I may resubscribe … if I do not resubscribe to Tidal,
I can not see myself resubscribing in June 2016 for Roon.

I am feeling a bit miffed that I have been paying Tidal for a premium subscription service that has had subpar performance.

Yep yesterday…first time ever, stuttering and break up when playing music …previously no problem down here in NZ…also no covers for Tidal albums, no purple light and in ROON the discover feature is really slow…with no coloured graphics…get me back to the first simple version that worked…forget the complexity

I spent the day in my home office with Tidal streaming HIFI via ROON from around 9am Melbourne time through to about 6.30pm without any stutters or gaps. Then it started and remains so into the Australian evening.

Home network performance nor ISP (Telstra) is involved in this Tidal problem as far as I can detect.

@David_Williamson David, I am on Telstra too. I also do not believe it is my home network (got my Masters in Network Engineering, though that was nearly 20 years ago and I am so rusty. Still, I should remember enough to eliminate my home network as a factor).

Too many people are being affected … and it just appears to be us Aussies … and unfortunately now people like Keith from NZ are experiencing trouble with Tidal too.

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