Tidal login failed, over and over

I hate to add to the chorus of people who are experiencing the “Tidal login failed” issue, but I’m going to, because it happens very often. I trust that it will be fixed, but it’s been happening a couple weeks. Rebooting the computer with Roon server seems to trigger I – getting the message “Tidal login failed” on starting Roon.

roon tidal fail

Clicking edit lets me login via Tidal, where I’m redirected back to Roon. Not the end of the world but an annoyance that didn’t happen before.

Server Core Machine: Mac Mini (mid-2011), MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6, 2.3 GHz Intel Core i5, 8 GB Ram, internal SSD, External Raid on USB, Running Roon 1.7 (Build 537)

Network Details: Comcast/Xfinity Cable Modem to TPl-Link Archer C7 running OpenWRT to Netgear Gigabit switch using Ethernet Cat5e wired to Raspberry Pi with Ropieee RopieeeXL with USB connected to Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Dac.

Remotes are MacBook Pro and an iPad running the latest versions of Roon, version 1.7 (build 537) – and various family iPhones.

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Roon have posted that they think they’ve found the issue and are preparing a fix. It started I believe be sure Tidal changed their login process.

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Hello @Barry and thanks for your report! I have been discussing this issue with the technical team and we are aware of a few similar reports where users have to re-login to TIDAL upon Core reboot.

There is an active investigation in progress and QA is looking into what improvements can be made in this area of the login flow.

We appreciate your patience while this investigation is ongoing and apologies for the inconvenience of having to re-login when the Core is rebooted in the meantime.

Thanks for the reply, I trust that the Roon folks are on it! Sounds like the Tidal login changed, and that affected Roon.

@nuwriy I’m sorry to report that I’m still having this issue, even after the latest update. Server is updated to build 555. I read in another forum that changing the Tidal password may help so I did that, but that didn’t seem to help. This happens when the Roon core is restarted. Although I mostly use an iPhone as remote (which is build 537) where this happens, it also happens on an iPad tablet and Mac laptop (Build 555) using roon. Using RopieeeXL as endpoint, ethernet wired from endpoint to core. Hoping that this can be resolved, as it’s preventing family members from using the music system, and generally a bummer. Happy to send logs or troubleshoot.

The latest update wasn’t for this it was for the loss of tidal favourites, they are still developing the login bit.

Aha, thanks @ged_hickman1. I haven’ thad the tidal favorites problem (that I know of – I don’t really use that).

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I am still having the same issue. Been about 4 months and ongoing. I am going to complain to Tidal and see if they care. No issue like this with Qobuz

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Well, I’m still having the Tidal login issue, even after the latest 571 update from yesterday. If the core server is restarted, I will need to login to Tidal again. I realize this update has addressed “Improved TIDAL token behavior to prevent spurious logout” – but so far there’s no change in my experience. Obviously, It’s best to not restart the server – but it’s going to happen when the OS is updated or Roon is updated. And I can easily deal with it but my family members have stopped using roon because of this – it’s a block. This has been happening since February.

Some story. I lost faith in support because the only working solution is to start roon library from scratch. Works fine but only for 3-4weeks. Strange but this is a scheme that I noticed. Latest uodate didnt solve this. Waiting for the next one !!! Support! Yeah!