Tidal login fails within Roon [Resolved]

Suddenly tonight unable to log into Tidal within Roon. Keeps saying bad username or password. Yet I can log into Tidal direct on the Tidal app.

I have reset the Tidal password several times, but the problem remains.

Is this just me, or are you aware of an issue?

Hi @Newbits ----- Thank you for the PM and sharing your feedback with us. Typically we handle any support related questions on the “support” thread so other users have access to any advice or troubleshooting tips that may prove to be useful for them as well. Would you mind if I made your PM a public thread and we can go from there?

Moving forward, I would recommend the following (in this order):

  1. Try power cycling the device hosting your Roon core

  2. Try deleting your TIDAL cache.

If either of those tips do not yield a positive result…

  1. With the application not running … would you mind going into the database on your Core and deleting this file:


If you are unable to locate the ‘tidal_account’ file:

  1. Confirm that your TIDAL account is still active, as suggested here.


Hello Eric,

Thanks for coming back to me.

I sorted the problem this morning by restarting Roon on the =
SonicTransporter, and then for good measure restarting the Sonic =
Transporter. Logging into Roon on my ipad then going to Services and =
re-entering my Tidal login details worked first time. Roon/Tidal have =
functioned normally since.

I haven=E2=80=99t needed to progress as far as your other suggestions.

Of course you can make this a public thread if it will help others.

I have no idea why the issue arose. The previous evening starting Roon =
on the ipad had logged into Tidal automatically without asking me to =
intervene, then out of the blue yesterday, starting Roon threw up the =
Tidal login failure message.

Whilst accessing Roon from the ipad had a problem, I could still start =
Roon/Tidal from my Windows laptop no problem.


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Thanks for sharing the resolve here, @Newbits!

Happy listening!