Tidal login not working - bad user name or password [Resolved - Account Not Active]

3 days ago I got a popup message stating the Tidal connection failed, and since then I’ve been unable to log in. Using the correct credentials (triple-checked with the Tidal web and desktop app), I get a “Bad user name or password” message constantly.

Roon version: 1.3 build 223 64-bit
OS: macOS Sierra 10.12.4
System: Mac Pro (Late 2013), 3.5Ghz 6-core Xeon E5, 32GB RAM

I’ve tried deleting the Cache folder and restarting Roon multiple times to no avail.

Info from the logs:

04/26 09:23:42 Warn: [tidal/http] POST https://api.tidalhifi.com/v1/login/username?token=[redacted] => Unauthorized
04/26 09:23:42 Info: [broker/locations] updating location Tidal:Name=TIDAL:Id=[redacted]
04/26 09:23:52 Warn: Error in web request https://push.roonlabs.com/push/1/connect: NetworkError (The remote server returned an error: (502) Bad Gateway.)
04/26 09:23:52 Trace: [push] request to manager failed
04/26 09:23:52 Trace: [push] retrying connection in 92617ms

Hi @Andrew_Holt ----- Thank you for the feedback and my apologies for the troubles here. Would you mind going into the database on your Core and deleting this file:


You can find information about where to find your database here. Let us know how it goes.


@Eric Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, I don’t have any tidal files in Database/Registry/Core/.

Hi @Andrew_Holt ---- Thank you for the follow up and taking the time to give a proposed test a shot. Both are very appreciated!

I use a MacBookPro for testing and just checked the same path (Roon(folder) - > Database - > Registry - > Core) for the “Tidal_Account” file and came up with the following:

Can you send me a screenshot in a PM of that directory (“Core”) so I can see what you are seeing?

Looking forward to your feedback!

Sending PM now!

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