Tidal Master now avaliable for iOS


Updated my iPad yesterday, I can now select and play Masters. I presume this is a first unfold like the pc app.

Yes, only first decoding 88.2/96kHz, Most iPad internal DAC runs at 48kHz, not even at 44.1kHz, so Roon has down-sampled rate to 48kHz. To get native output sample rate, you need to connect to an external DAC via lightning USB

might not work well for the newest iPad Pro USB-C connected DACs…Ill try later maybe with my HA-2 asI will be traveling

My Explorer 2 cannot render the full MQA from the Tidal app on my iPad Pro. Roon/Tidal works perfectly.

There’s is an issue on iPad Pro output via USB-C. iPad with lightning USB is not affected.

The Explorer 2 cannot be used to render, only to do a full unfold.