Tidal not showing latest playlists

My Tidal app shows a lot of standard playlists.
Playlists i don’t see inside Roon.
The ‘2019’ lists are a key example: in Roon I see 2017 and 2018.

Am i alone in this/missing something?

Have you clicked on the heart to add to “My Collection” and then done a sync in Roon? If not, Roon doesn’t know they exist.

No. I mean the standard Tidal playlists, not my collection.

Are those probably new playlists? I guess there is a lack between appearances in Tidal/Qobuz and the mirroring in Roon.

Example: Best of Rock 2019

Can find it in Tidal, not in Roon.

Can you post a screenshot of the playlist in the TIDAL app, including an indication of the playlist category it’s in?

Of course

I thought that might be what you were looking for; I can’t find them in Roon either.

I’ve moved this thread to the @support forum.

Thanks @joel .

In case it helps, Tidal standard playlists I do see in Roon don’t seem to show up in search either.
Tidal playlists seem not to be searchable? (my favourite\own ones do show up in search)
And the categories in Roon look static, so newly added playlists in Tidal in a new category are not accessible (even if they might be there).

Hi @rovinggecko,

I’m able to find these playlists in Roon — They’re appearing under the genre pages. For example, Best of Rock appears under the Rock / Indie genre section:

Yes, I can see them there as well.

I guess that means they are simply not in the search index.

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