TIDAL Playlists Not Updating

I have the same problem
Tidal playlists do not update
The problem is not with tidal global playlists as they are presented in the Tidal view
The problem comes when you look at the playlists recorded in the user view which groups all the playlists
These playlists particularly those created manually on Tidal do not update
If you need more info let me know

In order to make these playlists updated, i need each time to go in my qnap nas, delete cache entirely and restart Roon

Not practical

Hi @skbe,

If you navigate to Roon Settings -> Services -> TIDAL -> Edit -> Sync Library Now, does that not update your playlists?

Yes it updates Tidal playlists as shown in Tidal universe / main page
But it does not update Tidal playlists shown in ‘My Stuff’ universe / pages
For example ‘Out There’ Tidal playlist will be updated here

But not here

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same here.

I starred the “Indie - Tidal Masters” playlist in Tidal. This playlist shows up in “My Stuff” but the list of songs doesn’t sync properly. In Roon it shows 44 tracks with 3 hours of play time, but in Tidal it shows 54 tracks with 3hrs 35mins of play time…

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Hi Roon
Were you aware of this issue ?

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Hello @skbe, and thanks for your report! Unfortunately, there are some cases where playlists created by TIDAL aren’t updated. We are investigating this issue, but in the meantime, you can update the playlist by removing and re-adding the playlist in TIDAL or by navigating to the playlist in the TIDAL section of Roon.

You have our apologies for the inconvenience.

But there are many people having personal playlists within Tidal and those are not accessible within the Tidal homepage. And those playlists are never to be updated unless clearing the cache and restarting Roon core …

Can you please find a solution for this and keep us posted ?


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Hello @skbe, as I said before our QA team is investigating the issue and I’d be happy to provide updates when they are available. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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I too have problems where my Tidal playlists never show up in Roon (they used to). Let me know if I can help @nuwriy

Hi there
Any update about this issue?

Hi everyone
I am looking seriously to buy a pair of BW formation duo. These speakers work mainly with Roon for HiRes content. So in order to enjoy completely this setup using Roon as an everyday player, the anomaly with Tidal personal playlists not being updated in Roon needs to be quickly resolved. I cannot understand why this matter is still under investigation.
Can you please Roon team update us?
@support @brian @danny

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Hi @skbe,

I don’t have any specific timeframes I can provide just yet, but this is definitely a priority for us! We’ll be sure to follow up as soon as we can.


It’s is poor performance for the company to have not corrected this by now. Shameful.

This problem is being resolved by the shortly upcoming 1.8 version of Roon ?

Hi @support
1.8 update has not resolved the fact that Tidal playlists are not being updated in the My Stuff view when a change in the track listing occurs. This is annoying. I understand you said this is in top of your to do list. But it is now time to do something about this. This is a problem that makes Roon not really easy to use on everyday listening. Can you please update your timeline? Do you need more details about the problem? Can you please do something about this?

@danny @brian @dylan

Strange to see this bug being open so long.

I’m also experiencing this bug. Is there any timeline or updates on the issue?

@Support @dylan

Maybe it is related to the fact that Tidal integration lacks My Playlists in the My Favourites page?

On the other hand, Qobuz playlists seem to update automatically and there is My Playlists in Qobuz My Favourites page within Roon.

Knowing that in many other programs (BluOS, Sonos, Lumin app), Tidal favorites include playlists, I suppose then it is not too difficult to implement?

Like I said Roon aims to be the everyday software to use with music in Roon Ready devices. So automatic Tidal playlists updating should be a priority.

Just to conclude that this problem of Tidal favorite playlists and Tidal personal playlists not being updated automatically in Roon is my only real concern and it is a very annoying one.

@support @dylan

Another way to find an alternative solution to this problem is to add in the settings the possibility to empty the cache of Roon and restart the core on a periodic base which can be configurable by the customer

For example I can choose to empty the cache and restart the core every 2 days at 4am