Tidal songs won't play in Roon

Roon in combination with Tidal won’t play any songs since about 10 days.
The login to the Tidal account in Roon works fine and I can also browse the music library from Tidal.
When I try to play a song the progress bar is moving from left to right but the song won’t start.
The Tidal client is running on a Linux system and I’m using an iPad to control it.
I already tried it in a different network but there was the same problem.
The Tidal account is registered as a German one and the account type is Hifi.

Could you please assist me with this problem?


Once that happened to me, and after a while, I figured that my subscription had lapsed. They’re like the water company; miss a payment, no water.

Probably not it, but check it.

I just checked and the subscription is still active.
When I try to play songs in the Tidal App or on the Tidal Website it’s working. Only in combination with Roon it won’t play.

Only thing else I know is to enter subscription info in Roon/Settings/Services.

Signalling @support to wade in with anything else

Hi @Kurt_Mutschlechner ----- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us. The insight is appreciated and sorry to hear of the troubles.

Moving forward, may I kindly ask you to please expand on the description of your setup, using this link as a guide so we have a better sense as to what gear you are working with.

Furthermore, is Roon generating any error messages or warnings when this behavior occurs?


Hi @eric,
we did some further testing and found out that the problem is related to our network. We tried to connect the PC on which the Roon Host is running to a mobile hotspot and it worked immediately.
Furthermore we tried to install the Roon Client on a Windows PC and configure it as the host. This configuration worked fine with our network.
Therefore the problem has to be related with the Linux PC in combination with the Roon Host, Tidal and our network.
Can you tell us if there are necessary network requirements, so that we can contact our ISP.

Thank you in advance

Hi @Kurt_Mutschlechner ----- Thank you for reaching out and sharing the observations made during your troubleshooting of this behavior.

In regard to your question:

“Can you tell us if there are necessary network requirements, so that we can contact our ISP.”

We do not have specific network requirements to be able to run Roon and while connection speed does play factor, this more so has to do with what gear you are using in terms of networking hardware. Our CTO Brian, wrote up a very informative post about what an ideal network configuration could resemble and what devices to try and avoid.