Tidal Streaming resulting in aborts or interruptions


I am a lifetime Roon subscriber and never had problems with the software and the integrated tidal streaming. But since a few months, very often (too often) Roon does not conveniently stream my music from tidal:

  • Sometimes it takes 1 hour until the first interruptions happen, where Roon tries to play music with 2-4 seconds of interruption or even 30seconds of interruption
  • Sometimes, Roon just interrupts after a few seconds of starting the stream, tries to play the music from tidal, and after a while (maybe 2-3 minutes) it just aborts trying and moves on to the next track on the playlist, with me hoping that it does not get an interrupted mess

It has such an impact on my music listening behaviour that I find myself running my spotify app (yes, I also have a spotify premium subscription) in order to play music on my Devialet D220 Amplifier, which thanks to god, supports Spotify Connect. With spotifym there are no streaming issues at all, but it is like driving a TATA Car while you have the money to drive a Porsche. That is so frustrating.

Now, I am a tidal hifi subscriber and the issue occurs with both MQA and FLAC material streamed via Tidal. I am running Roon Core on a Intel NUC5i3 (Win10 Home Edition, 128GB SSD, 16GB DDR3 RAM) and the network is as follows:

  • Netgear Orbi Mesh Network
  • Orbi Router LAN port connected with a LAN Switch and from LAN Switch port to Amplifier
  • Internet Speed should not be an issue due to 100mbit glas fiber connection
  • Default DNS settings (ISP DNS)

I have a log ready for review. please let me know where to send it to.

As a quick test, Try Google’s instead of the ISP DNS.

Hello @k1282,

Thanks for contacting support, I’d be happy to assist here. I have a few questions/suggestions:

  • What is the model/manufacturer for the LAN Switch?
  • Can you please try un-checking Disable IGMP Proxying in your Orbi router settings to see if this improves anything? More information regarding this can be found in our Networking Best Practices Guide.
  • Can you try setting your Router’s DNS to Google’s DNS ( to see if this improves things? You can use the following video as a guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13JyXnIUUhM

Please let me know your findings to my above suggestions when possible.


Problem still persists after trying your suggestions:

  • Disable IGMP is/ was unchecked
  • Neither Google DNS nor or solved it, but subjectively I feel that it improved, i.e. less interruptions

In response to your LAN switch question, it is a DLink DGS 108

Hello @k1282,

Thank you for trying the DNS change. Since you are still seeing interruptions I would like to suggest clearing your TIDAL cache. To do this process please use the following steps:

  1. Quit Roon (or RoonServer)
  2. Find and open your Roon or RoonServer folder
  3. Locate and move only the cache folder (Roon/Cache) to somewhere else like your Desktop
  4. Restart Roon to generate a new TIDAL cache

If there are still issues after clearing your TIDAL cache then I kindly ask for you to send us a copy of your Logs so that we can review them. Uploading them to Dropbox or Google Drive will be the easiest way to get them over to us but if you need another method to upload just let me know and I can provide one.


still no change in behaviour.

I placed the log into gdrive:

I am currently trying to check, if the same is happening on another audio device. Currently, I switched the audio to my chromecasts and it is running fine, but lets wait and see.

Meanwhile, please keep in mind that my amplifier might be the issue when checking the logs…

Hello @k1282,

Thank you for submitting those logs. I have gone ahead and started a case for you with our QA team who can take a closer look at them to verify if anything seems off.

I took a look at your logs as well and my initial impression is that something on your network is causing issues with buffering the track from TIDAL. With that said and until I receive the full report form QA, I propose we run the following test:

  • Please open Command Prompt on your NUC
  • Type the following command: ping -t google.com
    This command will send a continuous ping to google’s servers and your machine will receive a continous reply
  • Let me know if you notice any Network Timed Out Errors that look like this at the time that TIDAL has an interruption:

I would also verify to make sure that you have the newest drivers from Devialet using these instructions and if there is a firmware update available for it, I would go ahead and update that as well.

Please let me know your results from the ping test and I will be sure to let you know once I have the full analysis for your logs from QA.


Hello @k1282,

I have just received the full analysis from QA and they have noticed network instability as well. In addition to my above ping test, I also have the following recommendations if you can please try:

  • Does this issue occur for all your endpoints? Does System output or another DAC work as expected?

  • Can you please try connecting your D220 via USB to your NUC and let me know if the same issue occurs when it is connected via USB?

  • Would it be possible to connect the NUC directly to your Orbi and bypass the switch to see if the same issue occurs?

Please let me know if you are able to test for the above cases and your results when possible.


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