Tidal tracks skipping

when playing Tidal tracks, roon simply quickly scrolls through each track without actually playing anything then reports nothing in playlist

I’m having the same issue. Sometimes it will skip through entire albums other times it will skip the first several songs then start playing. It has also started playing a song then stop and start playing it again from the start.

I have only noticed today with Tidal tracks, exactly the behaviour mentioned by previous poster. Although late yesterday evening, Roon was also stuttering repeatedly on tracks I had downloaded in my library. I corrected by reconfiguring the zone and restarting Roon. That has not solved the Tidal issue this evening

@Evo1668, @ckpiv - thank you guys for the report. We are aware of this issue and trying to solve it. Stay tuned.

Songs from Tidal on many of the albums, clicking on song, nothing happens, nothing plays. Also I go along with “one click play.”


I’m getting the behavior with Tidal that it won’t play a song if I’ve played it already (doesn’t matter if I restart roon or not). If try to play the individual song it wont’ play (same behavior as dancremeans). If I play an album with songs I’ve listened to it skips all those and picks one I’ve not listened to (I don’t know how it decides this). I can get it to play the song, but sometimes I have to click 5x (or more) to get the song to play.
OS: osx 10.3
latest version of roon.

Hello @scottwhite and @dancremeans, we are aware of this issue, and working hard to solve it. Thanks for the report.

TIDAL appears to have rolled out some server-side changes that have broken playback in Roon today.

We have contacted them and hope to get a reasonable explanation as to what changed, why, and how the communication breakdown occurred that prevented us from receiving advance notice.

We haven’t heard back from them yet, but we were able to develop a workaround on our end that gets playback working again.

We are currently testing an emergency build of Roon. This build is identical to build 29, other than this workaround. Assuming nothing unexpected goes wrong in the next few hours, we plan to release the build later this evening.

Thank you for your patience.

Thanks for being attentive. You folks are awesome!

Thanks for the prompt update to the situation.

Build 30 is out. You can force a check for updates by going to the settings->about dialog.

Brain, awesome turn around. Latest fixes the issue.

Love the speed of this fix, I hadn’t even checked the forum to see if anyone had posted the problem! Well done guys!

funny, I just logged into the roon comunity to report this bug, and it is already fixed :slight_smile: great job

Turns out, it wasn’t a new bug introduced by TIDAL API changes. TIDAL has responded and said that their content distribution network provider was having 1 second delays in creating the URLs due to the leap second issue. We are keeping our fix in, in case of future leap seconds :wink:

Thanks guys. I was having the same problem last night.

Fantastic response from you guys, thanks a lot.


What? Leap seconds were not part of the test cases? :wink:

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