Time to switch songs is far too long

Roon Core Machine

Intel i7-5820k CPU@3.30GHz
RAM : 32Go

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Fiber Web Connection (up to 2 Gbs)
Orange Box > BitDefenderBox > Ubiquity Switches
No Wifi, only Ethernet on CAT6 at least : NAS, PC, ZEN (only remote may be on wifi : laptop, samsung tablet or samsung phone)
Core on PC detailled above
Streamer : iFi Zen Stream

Connected Audio Devices

Zen Stream (Ethernet) > AudioGD DI20HE (USB) > AudioGD R7HE (I2S)

Number of Tracks in Library

250.000 tracks only FLAC & Hi-RES

Description of Issue

Time to switch between songs is really long : between 10 seconds when it’s all good to 1 or 2 minutes or more and i cannot know if it’s bugging or what is happening.
I have also impossibility to play DSD, just an horrible sound that we just want to kill
On my PC with CORE it’s a bit faster but also a few seconds, on Zen Stream (ROON tested), it’s really long.
We cannot blame my NAS, PC or my network, they all are good (Gigabit). When I was using only my ZEN Stream (Upnp or DNLA), switching song was instantaneous and with no issue between PCM and DSD

Subscribing to ROON for a year will depend on the quality of your answer.

Thank you.


Is this happening with Qobuz?
If so it’s a known issue.

I seem to recall other threads with similar issues (not using Qobuz) specifically with the Zen Stream.
You could try searching for them.

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I’ve also seen threads with similar issues using more complex network setups, as yours seems to be
(I’m not knowledgeable about networking)
The gist of it was that network speeds aren’t the issue. High speed internet with certain network setups can still have issues with Roon.
There will be better explanations and solutions in other threads.

If you just installed Roon, it may still be analyzing audio. With a library your size it couldntake awile.

My library ended updating, no longer minutes but still around 10 seconds (when i manually switch song, when a playlist is reading there is no latency) . I have deactivated updates of data for waveform and dsp. I have checked all topics about that issue that seems frequent. I have disabled ipv6 on my box and pc with core. I have also played with express vpn on my core pc but strange thing is that its only run fine when its activated, when i make an exception to bypass it for Roon, i get error message on Roon.

What core, is it Rock?
If so, you could try changing the DNS server via web interface if you haven’t already done so.
I’m using Cloudflare or Google DNS servers
Otherwise it’s easy to do in the router.

Also, you can try if it helps if you use these settings:

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Today, after reboot of my pc with core and after disabling of IPV6 also on my PC, not only on the box and playing with express vpn, i get good response on remote ROON (1 sec or 2). i hope it will stay like that and will by back to you to confirm it now solved or not
thanks to all that answered to me :+1:


ps : ipv6 on both local network and internet
background audio analysis and on-demand are deactivated.
i will try in a few days if i can enable them again

Hi @Augustin_BAYLE,

Please let us know if you encounter issues again; we’re glad to hear that consistent playback is restored in the meantime.

In the event that network instability returns and is interrupting playback, track transition, or Roon Radio, please try disabling the VPN, test again, and then notify the team in this thread if disruptions continue. We’ll pull diagnostics and proceed with additional steps.

Thank you for your patience.

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