Today Roon is just hanging on start up [Resolved - Remove corrupt Tidal account file]

I’m having the same problem also today, Roon is just hanging on start up.
Been on build 814 since it’s release so not changes.

This is on a Win10 PC, which is both the Core & Client, which is connected to WiFi.
Normal WiFi SetUp, single router - ALL other devices can connect to WiFi.
No local Music files, only use TIDAL streaming.
PC has been rebooted - this hasn’t resolved the issue.

@dylan - I’ve a dropbox link to my logs, how is best to share link ?

Hi @Phil_Smith

Can you send me a Private Message with a link to the logs? I’ll take a look. Thanks!

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Shall I try this also ?

Hi @Phil_Smith

I just took a look at the logs you shared — Yes, please try that process nd remove the tidal_account file. Thanks!


Removing the file, allows Roon to start now !

However, no Music is available e.g

and click on Artist e.g REM, and get ‘Performer not Found’

This is ALL tracks & Artists, as I only use TIDAL for source.

Thanks for the update! If you go to Settings > Services and sign our of TIDAL and then back in is there any change?

@Dylan - That works. Thanks for your help !!! :grinning:

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